David Kennedy, chief executive, Aer Lingus, centre, with Alex Roberts, marketing director, left, and Dennis Head, operations director, right, of Short Brothers plc, Belfast, N Ireland, on the occasion, 7th March 1984, when Aer Lingus took delivery of two Shorts SD360 aircraft. If you’re looking to go on a trip abroad and hope to keep costs low, take a look at First Bus, which can help get you there in a flash.
First Bus timetables can be found by using the online search tool on the First Bus website. You can also ask for a local First Bus timetable to be posted to you by calling the First Bus contact number.
With First Travel Solutions, you will be able to hire a suitable vehicle of your choice, with vehicles ranging between 4 and 100 seats and destinations available throughout the UK and mainland Europe. If you prefer rail journey or need to move a larger number of people in one go, First Travel can also provide charter trains and transfers at either end of your journey, if required.
For help with booking a coach hire or moving large parties, call the First Bus Customer Service contact number for advice. First Bus offers an exclusive First Student bus pass, which makes travelling with First Bus excellent value for those on A budget. First Student bus pass options include All Term (lasts a whole academic year); FirstMonth Student (lasts one calendar month) or one Term (dates will vary depending on time of year). The company operates numerous rail, bus, coach and vehicle hire services in Ireland, Denmark, Canada and the United States.

First bus has won their appeal against the courtsa€™ decision to allow wheelchair users to demand removal of pushchairs from the designated disabled areas.
This comes after Yorkshire man – Doug Paulley won a court ruling, claiming that the companya€™s wheelchair policy was discriminatory. The county court judge claimed that the firm was in breach of the Equality Act 2010, and so Mr Paulley was compensated A?5,500. Public transport operators have been looking for legal clarity regarding this issue, and the recent ruling is that people are not required to make space for wheelchair users, although they should consider it greatly and only use the wheelchair space when there are no other options.
Mr Paulleys lawyers are already planning an appeal to the Supreme Courts regarding the revised decision on an issue that is of great importance to many disabled people. Judges at the Court of Appeal say that the proper solution for disabled people to gain improvements is to take it up with parliament, not the court.
401 7th Avenue in Manhattan, across the street from the original Penn Station (now Madison Square Garden). The hotel has had the distinction of having the oldest continuous phone number in New York still in use today. There are 4 international airports in Ireland, here you can find more information about them. The most important Irish airport is Dublin Airport, located 14 kilometers North from Dublin city.

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Mr Paulley had attempted to board the bus, but was told to wait for anotherA one, when the woman with a pushchair refused to move out of the designated wheelchair space.
They also say that this has been an ongoing problem on public transport that has had repeated conflicting court decisions.
After Statler's death, his company bought the hotel outright and renamed it Hotel Statler in 1948. That number, Pennsylvania 6-5000, is the inspiration for the Glenn Miller song of the same name. Many big band names played in the hotel's Cafe Rouge including the Dorsey Brothers, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and the Glenn Miller Orchestra. After Hilton sold it in 1980, it became the New York Statler, operated by Dunfey Hotels, a division of Aer Lingus.
They, in turn, sold it in 1984 to Penta Hotels, and it was converted to the New York Penta.

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