What do you think about Avoid excessive cell phone use or risk cancer, genetic mutations - Article ? Biapsha Basu tied the knot with actor Karan Singh Grover at a very private ceremony recently. Selena Gomez changed her cell number some time after she finished filming Spring Breakers, we found out when her co-stars, the ATL Twins tried to hit her up in an interview and only got an automated message saying the number was out or service. The first is that she changed it in a continued effort to avoid her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Spring Breakers wrapped up filming in April 2012, when Selena and Justin were very much still together — perhaps she opted for new digits when they went south (no pun intended)?

Another, funnier possibility, is that Selena purposely gave the ATL Twins the wrong number because she was creeped out, and they embarrassingly just realized it on camera!
A study has shown that too much use of mobile phone can result in oxidative stress in cells.
Yaniv Hamzany of Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Department at the Rabin Medical Center looked for clues in the saliva of cell phone users to further explore the relationship between cancer rates and cell phone use.When in use, the cell phone is held close to the salivary gland. Yaniv Hamzany and his fellow researchers came to the conclusion that the salivary content could reveal if there was any connection to cell phone usage and cancer growth, reports Science Daily.

Comparing heavy mobile phone users to non-users, they found that the saliva of heavy users showed indications of higher oxidative stress.

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