Virgin Mobile Canada provides cell phone service to a customer base of a few hundred thousand Canadians by offering prepaid mobile service that operates on the Bell Mobility network.
Been with Virgin for about a year now, upgraded my already good deal to a even better deal last Black Friday. Good service, no issues with Virgin as a carrier, however they are expensive, have very costly data plans and are not willing to offer me anything to stay.
Called in today to make changes to my account and was talked down to by the Care Specialist they then hung up on me after I requested speaking to a Supervisor.

They are a part of the Virgin Group, which is a larger collection of companies operating around the world involved in everything from airplanes to soft drinks and music.
Powers & Associates "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Prepaid Wireless Service"? for two years in a row. Can't even do a simple thing like taking a little time with customer care and finding out for me.
They claim to be a mobile phone company with a fresh new take and they plan to shake things up giving Canadian consumers a better and simpler mobile service.

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