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Foldable, flexible, and transparent displays have been around for a while now, but they remain pure concepts rather than actual products.
An official from Samsung Display told the publication that although foldable screens may seem highly futuristic, the time is right for this mind-bending technology. Of course, that’s not necessarily a promise that a smartphone you can fold up into a square and tuck in your pocket will arrive in 2016.
In spite of all this optimism, truly foldable phones are likely still the stuff of science fiction.

Not to mention the fact that Samsung said the same thing last year, hinting that a foldable phone would come out in 2015.
The report also commented on LG’s transparent screens, which have been used on prototype TV-like screens at numerous trade shows.
Regardless of when these technologies arrive, we can indeed enjoy contemplating how they will change the way we use our devices and interact with our appliances.
Despite all the curved smartphones that have come out in 2014 and 2015, we still haven’t seen a truly flexible or bendable phone. After all, even though the screens may be ready to bend and fold without breaking, other components, such as processors, batteries, and cameras, may not be quite so flexible.
Although this technology could eventually end up on car windows, refrigerators, and elsewhere (meaning everywhere), it isn’t quite ready for prime time yet.

Now, a report from Business Korea hints that a fully foldable smartphone could hit the market as early as 2016 from none other than Samsung. So despite all this optimism, truly foldable phones are likely still the stuff of science fiction.

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