If you’re seeking Concept Samsung Jot Rotary Dial Phone pictures, reviews we get them here for you to view.
This innovative and retro styled concept mobile phone design by Raymond Bessemer for Samsung. The design has a retro feel by the use of the rotary dial number pad which was used on phone in the and around the 1970′s.
The concept is designed for the year 2015 and uses writing via a stylus rather than a keyboard for texting and note taking.

But the hole in the middle of the dial would be very tempting to me to spin the phone on my finger, which could cause a few replacements having to be sent out by my mobile provider. We primarily collect the excellent quality Concept Samsung Jot Rotary Dial Phone pictures, information or features for Sclick’s viewers to use. Is a mobile phone that uses a capacitive OLED display, removable stylus and physical rotary dial.
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