Today saw the launch of Adzuna, a job search engine that aggregates the latest job ads in real time and also leverages the power of your social networks to get you ahead of the competition. The job search market is massive and Adzuna will have a lot of competition, but they do a secret weapon. This is another example of how our networks are becoming and bigger part of our lives due to the integration with many of the new and old services we use. Andrew & Doug met back in 2005 while working at Gumtree and 5 years later they hatched plans for Adzuna on the back of an envelope, whilst in the pub. With over 300,000 live UK job vacancies that represent ?7 billion of ‘Total Earning Opportunity’, Adzuna collates the latest job ads in real-time from all major job boards as well as diverse sources such as The Guardian Jobs section, The Royal Household and LinkedIn. Adzuna was founded by online veterans Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro, with the support of a number of premier angels investing alongside Passion Capital, including current or former executives from eBay, Skype, Adjug, BT and Virgin. Doug Monro, Co-Founder of Adzuna, commented “It’s great to be working with Andrew again and cracking a big problem. Co founder of YHP, founder of IncuBus Ventures, online marketing consultant & host of one of London's top entrepreneurial events (Flagons Den).
The company founded by Doug Monro & Andrew Hunter has raised ?300k from angel investors and seed investment from Passion Capital. The site is still in beta and will no doubt be improving on the service as well as look to expand into property and automobiles. The company aims to become the world’s leading search engine for classifieds, by bringing together all the ads and connecting users with them in new ways.
By matching the companies in which your friends and connections work, with your job search, you can see what jobs are available at your friends and connections companies. It hen allows you to get in touch with them to ask for a referral or too find out more about the company.

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