Have you ever wanted to return a call but not give away your telephone number?  Just out of pure fun, have you ever thought of making prank calls to family and friends, especially around Halloween?  Whatever your (legal) intent, it is now possible to hide your real telephone number especially to people you don’t want to share it with, by replacing it with a spoofed number. Further, it is illegal to impersonate people of authority, like police officers or other professionals of the law enforcement.  To that end, there are certain numbers that you cannot spoof, like 911, emergency hotlines of law enforcement departments, health care facilities, financial institutions and schools.
The number you entered as your spoof number will be the one shown in the other party’s bill.

Spoofcard also gives you the option to change your voice from male to female (and of course female to male) to really catch your friends off guard.
For a free trial of Spoofcard go here for a FREE call and see for yourself how awesome Spoofcard really is.
Now You can make calls without exposing your phone number, record conversations for personal security or maybe just play a joke with your friends!.

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