You can load 1000j and follow the prompts to get unlimited international calling on your phone. Otherwise when you get there you can buy a cheap Digicel phone with a chip in it and some credit on it for around $50 USD. Wow…I had no idea you could text from e-mail to DigiCel (this coming from a Jamaican! If you are planning to rent a cell phone in Jamaica your best bet is to rent from Island phone Rentals. Budget Rental Car in Jamaica also offers smart phones with data plans for rent when you rent a car from them.

Once you arrive in Jamaica and turn on your phone, it will either pick up the Digicel network or the Cable & Wireless (LIME) network.
I went to the nearest Digicel dealer in Jamaica (they are all over the place) and bought the cheapest handset they had. If you want to venture out, get around and see things, having a way to stay in contact is a good idea.
The benefit of this is by the time you get back to Jamaica on your next trip you have hoards of credit already loaded. If you plan on using your own cell phone for the duration of your vacation MAKE SURE you contact your provider before your trip and find out about roaming charges and hidden charges.

Most cell phones in Jamaica run on prepaid credit, you buy phone cards and load credit to your phone…similar to prepaid cell phones from back home.

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