College, the largest community college in northeast Ontario, also serves Canadian and foreign students. Sudbury is 380 km north of Toronto at the junction of Highway 69 and Trans-Canada Highway 17. A convenient airport bus provides inexpensive service to and from the Sudbury airport to Sudbury motels.
There are many hotels in the Sudbury area, but the four below are closest to the conference site.
All rates are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and are subject to all applicable provincial and federal taxes. There is a partial refund on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for travelers from outside Canada. Virtual Voyages is an exciting new motion-theater ride scheduled to open in the spring of 1997. The Cortina Cruise is a refreshing one-hour tour of Ramsey Lake that departs from the dock at Science North. The two-day field trip will introduce the participants to the general geology of the Sudbury structure. A field guidebook and map, transportation, and lunches are included in the registration fee.

Right, assuming of course that there is adequate suspension clearnace for the wider wheel and tire. I love the tires, but looking for a wider offset rear wheel also a deeper dish (rim width) to increase the width in the rear for dune running, and widen the paddle out for better flotation. Heres a picture showing a couple of Bones-OMF wheels with some of our Sand Tires we have available for the UTVs. Beadlocking the fronts rims would be simple, and we could use our new Super Lite beadlock (as seen on the wheel in my avatar) which only adds about 2.7 lbs per wheel.
On the rear we can get you a 12x10 wheel (4+6 offset for the deep dish look) with the beadlock already installed for about $260 per rim. Sorry for the slow reply, I have been swamped this week and haven't had a chance to get on the forum.
What's really cool about that wheel is it's modular design, which allows you to change bolt patterns, styles, and colors on the actual bolt in center without replacing the wheel itself. This extraordinary selfie shows the moment after two brothers battled to free a trapped eagle in Canada.
Neil and Michael Fletcher, from Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, discovered the trapped bird while they were out hunting grouse. Shortly after the brothers prised the bird free, they took this epic selfie with the cooperative, but shocked-looking, bird.

The wildlife enthusiasts told Buzzfeed Canada that they were out hunting when they first noticed one of the bird’s talons was caught.
Michael Fletcher described the animal as pretty calm, saying it was probably exhausted from trying to break free.
Lake Ramsey is the largest city-contained lake in North America and is within a short walk of the conference site. There is some minor rough climbing involved and it is recommended that you bring sturdy boots, head gear, and proper rain gear. Daily temperatures in late August and early September may range from 5° to 25°C (41°-77°F). I my case I would like to have the same on the front for a bigger footprint so I would probably want the wider wheel on the front as well, right?

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