Prepaid phones will help you save some money if you choose the right service and plan as per your needs. Net10 Family Plans further divided into 3 types, all of which allows national calls and unlimited text and data.
Net10 also have a Pay As You Go Plan slab which further lets you have different choice as per your need. It should be noted that Straight Talk even though says unlimited plan, it’s not truly unlimited. If you read the fine print Net10 only provides high speed data up to a certain point (so many Gbs) then they throttle back your data speed. Not a good idea to try net10, same company same indian-like chinese-like behavior and customer service. I have 2 phones through Straight Talk (one gs2, one gs3) and 3 Phones through Net 10 (all gs3).
BOTH STRAIGHT TALK AND NET10 ARE Bad; They almost indian-like or chinese-like in design and implementation and both have bad customer service. Verizon ranked as the Best in Wireless Network Quality in U.SVerizon Google Voice MMS is working!
Potential caveats aside, prepaid and pay-as-you-go cell phone plans make a lot of sense for the right type of users, and not just people who don’t have the credit scores to get onboard with a contract plan. Sometimes students have questions about our tours and need answers to them before they can decide whether to sign up to travel with us. You will be housed in hotels with 3 other same gender students in a room with 2 queen size beds.
Yes.A  Hotels make us adhere to their regulations that requires us to enforce a curfew for student groups, often as early as 10 PM.
Yes, using a cell phone or a pre-paid phone card using a public telephone in the hotel lobby. How can I make sure the things I bring on the tour will be safe?a€?You are responsible for all of your personal belongings while on this trip. There will be an orientation on the day you arrive for the start of your tour that reviews your exact schedule. On our summer tours, you will also receive a tour book at orientation that contains all of the information about the tour that you will need to know, such as meeting and meal times, daily departure schedules, etc.
Students are expected to show proper respect for not only each other but the tour staff, other tour guides, bus drivers, and anyone you come in contact with as well.

However, Walmart pitched it to Tracfone and they liked the idea so they created a service of their own, called Staright Talk. Then look at the chart we have put forward for you to figure out which phone and airtime card to buy.
Let us know more on which plan worked for you and why you choose them and your experience with straight talk and net10.
Most prepaid services are like this because it allows them to keep their costs with the major networks low. I use my cell for business and ive started the porting process for straight talk on the 18th. All of our Net 10 phones lose service on a regular interstate travel that we do, but the Straight Talk phones keep service most of the way with just a few brief dead spots.
I used to love their service, and when it works it’s fine, but heaven help you if something goes wrong.
For example: No contract, pay-as-you-go plans make an affordable option for the occasional cell phone user who just needs a mobile lifeline now and then, while unlimited text and voice plans can cut bills for nonstop talkers who keep running over their monthly limits on a contract plan. Power and Associates ranked Net10 number one in customer satisfaction in 2009, and all signs point to the cellular service provider’s impossibly simplistic price structure as key. Many hotels charge for telephone use from the rooms, toll free calls, local calls and occasionally even from one room to another.
Most students average $200 to $300 on personal expenses.A  Because many businesses no longer accept traveler's checks, we advise students bring some cash and use debit or credit cards where possible. The tour staff will also review daily activities, meeting times, and other important details each day. Here we compare net10 and straight talk services and let you decide which plan suits you the most. Hence regarding the net10 vs straight talk coverage, operation, customer service, and other policies are almost identical. If the service from the two companies is basically the same (which I thought it was and this site confirmed), then why would this happen?
Net10 offers blocks of prepaid minutes for 10 cents per minute no matter what quantity you buy, and has also teamed up with major retailers like Wal-Mart to offer both airtime cards and phones in stores. The phone in your room is only to be used to call a member of the tour staff for emergency purposes.
We do carry a simple first aid kit on the buses for minor emergency care.a€?a€?If you have any kind of medical condition, the staff needs to know it ahead of time.

The tour uses the same rules about touching, holding hands and signs of affections that most schools use. Because much of our entertainment involves water activities and there is a risk of infection if you have a new tattoo or new body piercing, you will be sitting on the bus or in the hotel while others are participating in the fun. We have seen some customers having a bad experience with the straight talk support compared to Net10 but it would be probably because the Net10 is having a less customer base than Staright talk. But Straight Talk SIM’s and refills are only available at Walmart and on the Straight Talk website. The straight talk customer care dose not seem to know what they are doing if you have them venture from a script.
Here are some of the top-rated prepaid cell phone providers out there, and how they’ve managed to stand out from the pack.
The selection of available cell phones leaves something to be desired, but prices are reasonable. The amount of each allowance will be based on the number of meals you will have to purchase. There will be times when you are not permitted to listen to music, such as during announcements and during planned activities.A  Be sure that you have some form of identifying marks on personal items.
At a date closer to time of departure, students confirmed on the tour will receive a questionnaire that will include requests for specific medical information.a€?a€?Can I visit friends or family that live in a city that we will visit? As I have started to pay more attention to this situation, our Net 10s lose service as we travel way before the Straight Talks.
I stay on my phone a lot and before I switched, I called Net 10 and they assured me that it was the same at the end as the beginning.
I hesitate to call customer service because they are hard to understand and their help is fairly limited.
I understand they share the same parent company, but maybe (hopefully) hey have a better system and can get me activated. If I get the same treatment from net10 Im gonna have to give up on the prepaid services, drop a heavy deposit and get a service that is expensive, but actually works.

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