After using my iPhone 5 for over three years – the equivalent of 80 in cell phone years – I’ve decided to finally put the tired phone to rest. Balancing my need to roam the world with a plan that will follow me proved to be a difficult task. Which carrier gives you the most opportunities to see the world and stay in touch with loved ones at home? Instead, I can purchase a plan that will allow me to make calls and receive data for a nominal fee. T-Mobile: The American arm of the world famous German carrier boasts over their Simple Choice plans that allow frugal travelers to use their cell phones around the world. In addition, the carrier offers free international data and text messaging in over 140 countries, including their home country of Germany.
Travelers crossing over to America’s neighboring countries have an option of adding on one of three plans to their existing contract. Joe Cortez is an award-winning journalist and blogger focused on travel, leisure, and loyalty programs.
The Sapphire Preferred offers 2x points on dining and travel, and no foreign transaction fees, making this the go-to card for travelers.This card accumulates Ultimate Rewards points, which are very valuable for transfer to United and Hyatt.
Earn 50,000 bonus points when you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.
Previous Story4 Bad Transfer Partners for American Express Membership Rewards Next StorySuccess Story: Taking a Two Week, $1569 Tour of Europe With My Wife! Sure, but for me, its not just having access when traveling, its about the service back home as well. Some people on travel forums talk of getting a cheap unlocked phone and signing up for t-mob for a month or two (for an extended trip) just for the international part of the plan. I set my Verizon Samsung Galaxy phone on Airplane Mode, turn on the wi-fi and tell my family to email me if they need me.
There have been a couple of times when we wanted to check a transit schedule and had to find wi-fi. If you actually travel a decent amount, the first thing to do is ensure you are on a GSM carrier. In reality, the slower data speeds aren’t that much of a problem (at least in my experience with T-Mob). T mobile works great, have traveled to 61 countries with it, and all worked except Morocco and Ethiopia. As a result, I have used my spare time this past month to research cell phone plans across carriers, in order to determine which company offers the best value for my dollar. With every salesperson I spoke to more focused on the short-term promotion over the long-term gain, I took to the internet to complete my own research.
The original carrier for the iPhone (and my last cell phone carrier of record) offers a roaming bonus plan for our southern neighbor for qualified plans, which includes unlimited calling, texting and one gigabyte of data. Through their International Passport plan, I can buy one of three packages that include a discount on calling while abroad, sending unlimited text messages and a small stipend of data.
This is a true statement: those on a select plan can use their phones for texting and data across North America and around the world. In line with competitor Sprint, calling back to the United States is only 20 cents per minute, depending on the country. While the cheapest plan only discounts service in Canada and Mexico, the other two options (starting at $15 per month) offer a small stipend of phone minutes, sent text messages and data. Although my personal decision came down to Sprint and T-Mobile, every traveler has, at least, one option with their preferred carrier.
As a frequent traveler, Joe has flown across the United States, Canada, and Europe primarily on award bookings and discounted flights. Overall, this card is a great choice for maximizing earnings on dining, travel, and every day spend.
Traveling 3 weeks in 5 countries, I’ve been without data for 10 days, almost 40% of the time! If I am connected to wifi, I can use my cell to call to the US for free — no app, just direct dial. It’s claimed to be throttled at 2G, but in practice, I found better speed many places in Europe last summer.

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For those staying within Canada and Mexico, the “un-carrier” offers free calling, texting, and 3G data.
However, be prepared to wait for your data access: the average speed for free data is about 128 kbps, roughly equivalent to the average EDGE speeds.
Instead of offering an all-encompassing international plan, the carrier offers two options: one for those staying within North America and one for those planning to go further abroad. Traveling outside of North America, Verizon travelers can add one of two plans to their account, the cheaper of the two offering only discounted talk and text service and 100 MB of data.
No, its not free when I’m in Canada, and sure, free is better, but the cost is certainly very reasonable when balancing all my needs, not just my travel needs. I’m thinking now that AT&T is offering unlimited data again, will people be able to get it? Mais l’Univers est plus complique, et ces ondes qui le traversent a la vitesse de la lumiere ont l’etrange propriete de deformer notre espace au point de raccourcir ou dilater les distances. Il sait qu'elle se trouve au cimetiere americain de Colleville-sur-Mer, et connait meme son emplacement : parcelle F rangee 13 tombe 10.
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Second, those who want to add Global Roaming need to contact Sprint directly to add this to their plan.
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