The cell sites on the Masonic Lodge had raised many eyebrows a decade ago and had agitated the then-sitting OB Planning Board.  Plus, the installation of cell sites on local churches did not raise any concerns more recently.
Across the country, wireless companies have been finding churches near residential areas that are willing to have them to install cell sites, hiding them in steeples, belfries, and even crosses.  For money, of course.
Over in Tujunga, local residents and parents protested a plan for a Metro PCS cell tower disguised as a pine tree at Our Lady of Lourdes School.  They cited aesthetic grounds for their opposition.
Yet aesthetic grounds have not been the only basis on which opposition has developed to the cell towers and their progeny. The European Union believes  cell phone towers pose such health risks that it recommends that they be kept clear of schools. Claims that there is a potential radiation threat to children and neighbors from cellular transmitters have been denied by the wireless industry. Over a decade ago, residents in south OB opposed a cell tower being installed at the top of an apartment building inside one of the apartments for these very same reasons. Five years ago, Point Loma residents opposed the  installation of three T-Mobile antennae on existing light poles at Point Loma Naszarene University on Lomaland Drive, a project that included a 190-square-foot enclosure for supporting equipment.
And no one is monitoring to keep track on just how many churches across California have cell sites.
From what I understand (which isn’t much), the radiation levels drop exponentially as one moves feet or dozens of feet from the site of a tower.
People aren’t dropping like flies because cellphone radiation is a slow-acting poison.
Microwave radiation from dishes and RF from TV and radio antennas does far more then cell antennas do. TV and Radio antennas are in the several kilowatt or higher range and can cause RF sickness very quickly even being within a few hundred feet of them. TV uses very large antennas that are on top of very large towers, some of which get over 2000 feet in height. Furthermore, all devices in your home that run on any sort of radio frequency have to transmit with less then 3 watts of power. If you are that shy,you may say that you would really like to help them,just that you can't do it in these times because you are busy with your life in that you can barely do your studies and have a time with the family,otherwise you are actually in need of some help, say to your friend if he can help you that would be better.
Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Nike, Apple, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Louis Vitton, to name just a few don't use their full name and the whole world recognizes their brands.
Also, you say the most important and recognized brands of "anything" just don't use their names on their logos, but eight out of eleven examples you give are car companies.

All due respect to Honda, Toyota, Nike and Volkswagen, but they don't exactly scream "status" either. Samsung needs to do a lot more than change their logo to be considered the BMW of electronics, or be considered a "status symbol." It would require them to shift their entire business model.
You're right on that part but at least most people associate them with quality and in the third world countries I know that at least Nike items are a status symbol trust me on that one I've seen it. Also, McDonald's, CocaCola, Tropicana, Hershey's, Dean's and many more also use their name in their logo. I also think Samsung dropped the stars from its logo because the way its logo is now, if it had the stars, it would look a lot like Subaru's logo.
Some people pronounce "Some-song" and some people pronounce "Sam-song", I've never heard of people complaining that the name is too long. Louis Vuitton, Volkswagen, and many countless brands have long name, but not long and uninspiring logo like Samsung. I dont think samsung uses that blue logo too much now, haven't seen it in any of their recent phones or Tvs. They're not talking about the logo on the device itself, but what's on the retail packaging.
There will probably be some minor changes to the antennae and aesthetic improvements to make them less visible.
In 2011, the World Health Organization’s own International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radio-frequency electro-magnectic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans. The Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest in the country, has banned them.
Even at further distances these waves create an unending cacophony of jumbled pulses that disrupt the natural functioning of biological forms. As a result, communities all across America are forced to search for reasons other than health-related issues in order to prevent the high frequency radiation from these towers. Right here in the San Diego region, the Poway Unified School District, despite parental opposition, decided to permit towers on campuses. Mostly but disrupting the bodies production of Melatonin which is its most potent anti-cancer defence. Microwaves are directional line of site so you would need to be standing right in front of the dish for them to effect you, this is why they are placed high up on towers and point at a corresponding dish on a different tower many miles away.
FM radio uses ball shaped antennas near the top of very large towers while AM uses towers with no other antennas on them, as the entire structure acts as an antenna.

These are placed high up to reach a larger area and isolate people from the radiation they produce.
Purchase old copies - 20% off Help keep the OB Rag online by donating to buy 30-35 year old issues of the original OB Rag, Ocean Beach's infamous and iconic counterculture, underground newspaper; limited numbers are available for purchase! Brand awareness is definitely near the top of the list a€“ make the name of your business or product stick in people's minds and get ready for an early retirement.
This is especially relevant when these towers are constructed near residences, schools, parks and wildlife preserves.
There is a religion within the cellphone industry that demands, without question, that cellphone radiation is safe even though the independent scientific evidence clearly show that it isn’t. If you are living & sleeping within the main-beam of a cell-tower then you will get sick.
Beyond that you will be able to pick up trace amounts of radiation on any meter designed to measure radio frequency. I bet Samsung would love that it's name would have world recognition and status that Apple does but with that ugly long name is not happening. Others seem to build up a sensitivity over time as more and more towers pop up around them, surrounding them with a continuous rain of energy that is incompatible with the natural functioning of the brain, organs and even DNA replication. Speaking of which, do you know what the older logos of major tech companies and cellular carriers looked like? I remember that around couple years ago that the logo would be redesigned and nothing is changed. Hell even Microsoft which is one of the richest companies ever its logo is not something that someone wants on a hat or shirt I believe, I mean I'm talking about status not just recognition.
The symptoms are varied and mostly neurological at first so your doctor will first treat you with medications and finally write you off as a psychological issue when nothing medicinal seems to cure you. Suspect that radiation from wireless devices in your home and cell-towers are wrecking your sleep and leaving you wide open to developing cancer.
The truth is that the most important and recognized brands of anything just don't use their names on their logos.
Five to eight years from the time the cell-tower goes into operation, cancer rates start increasing – most notably in the area where the signal main-beam hits the ground.

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