Jackie Lenox, our very own Local 338 member, has spent the last three years dedicating her time and energy creating artistically crafted and deliciously pleasing cakes from scratch.
Since high school Jackie, a 26 year old native of Levittown, has been passionate about art and wanted to go to college to become a sculptor. For the last two years Jackie has worked at the Thompson’s Shoprite in Uniondale, NY decorating cakes in the bakery department. If you need a cake for any occasion and you want it to look stellar and taste great all at once, Jackie Lenox can make it happen.

She has made several cakes featuring various themes, including zombies, super Mario, Easter, spring flowers, autumn leaves, religious ceremonies, and Hollywood.
In fact, she went on to study the Arts at Adelphi University and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Jackie is open and willing to work with you to make any custom cake you can imagine and would love to take her cake decorating skills to the next level!
Although Jackie now intends to make a career out of decorating cakes, she didn’t exactly set out to be a cake decorator, but rather stumbled upon it.

Unfortunately, during her final year at school Jackie struggled to find the same sense of fulfillment in creating art that she had for many years before.

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