Once you have installed Tracking Cell on your device a€“ either Android or iOS a€“ you can immediately use your GPS tracker. The program is user friendly, only requiring your email address and a password you have set up to sign in. The GPS tracker will keep a log of every location the phone has been in and which routes were taken, as well as how long they spent in each place. This system is perfect for those who want to keep track of the whereabouts of their children and employees, but the tracker is equally useful if you were to lose your phone, as the tracker will immediately give away its location. The accuracy of GPS depends on direct line to the satellite in order to show the current location of the cell phone.

Once installed on the cell phone it allows you to monitor real time GPS location, track all calls and text messages (SMS), have access to the entire contacts list and media files stored on the cell phone and much more. Looks like the cheap prepaid Motorola cell phones that you can find at many of the convenience stores can be used for projects such as this Open GPS Tracker project.
2,Bank Transfer is only available for order's value above US $1000, such as wholesale order. I needed simple GSM jammer, but bought this jammer, and now I use it to jam GPS and Wi-Fi too.
We are specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of jamming devices for GPS, cellular and wireless RF communications.

When GPS hardware is switched off or there are some obstructions such as buildings, bad weather conditions, you will keep receiving GPS coordinates by Mobile Tower Location Info.

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