Perfect for storing cell phones, wallets, keys, or other small valuable items; these small compartments are pad-lock ready with the option of adding built-in key or combination locks as well.
Because of their small size, the columns can be installed in multiple locations and in various configurations for maximum convenience. Twelve (12) patron door charging locker for cell phones and other mobile devices with a customized USB charging cable in each locker compartment.
Application: 1) Secure charging of cell phones in locked compartments 2) Workplace solution for employee cell phones.

General Description: Twelve (12) patron door charging locker for cell phones and other mobile devices with customized USB cable in each locked compartment.
High security cam locks, non-duplicative codes, chrome plated brass, 2 keys per lock, master key system option.
Wall mount is recommended; pre-punched mounting holes in rear of unit for securing to wall. Cell Phone Charging Station Touch Locker, View locker, phone charging from Hangzhou Dongcheng Electronic Co., Ltd.

Owner to provide fasteners, anchors, brackets and other hardware of type and size appropriate for type of substrate. Option for User Definable Combination Locks that allow patrons to set and change their codes as often as they wish.

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