Description: Executive desktop cell phone holder, leather with shiny nickel details. Please note that you can order any number greater than the minimum quantity (in most cases).
Requesting a quote does not trigger an order until quote and art proof are formally approved.
If secondary areas of imprint or different body colours are required (and if available) please mention in the NOTES section a bit further in the cart process. Selectel and Page Plus dealer Genius Wireless is running a new promotion good through the end of November. Online Selectel and PagePlus dealer Genius Wireless has extended their September promotions through October.New customers, including port-ins, who activate service on Selectel's $75 Yearly Plan using Genius Wireless during October will receive a free month of service on Selectel's $15 plan.
Online Selectel and PagePlus dealer Genius Wireless is running a couple of money saving promotions during September.New customers who activate on or port to Selectel will receive a free month of service on the $15 plan when they buy the Selectel $75 Yearly Plan. Today seems to be a day with lots of little prepaid news stories popping up in my browser and inbox.
Verizon MVNO Selectel Wireless notified their dealers today that effective immediately, they can no longer activate non-Verizon phones. Crisp, clear sound makes this the perfect specialty to record those quick 10 second messages and thoughts. You will get a text back with your plan expiration date and the number of minutes, texts and MB used in the current period. To make international calls customers just need to purchase Rates vary depending on which denomination card you buy.
Selectel activations and port ins are free at Genius Wireless.The Yearly Plan comes with 2000 minutes and 2000 texts. Selectel activations and port ins are free at Genius WirelessThe Yearly Plan includes 2000 minutes and 2000 texts. Up until now Selectel had been able to activate virtually any Sprint, US Cellular, MetroPCS or other CDMA phone.
It can protect the phone, camera or other electronic items from bumps, shock and scratches. The emails also said that their BYO plans would not be grandfathered and that they would need to switch to a new Budget plan. PagePlus, which was founded in 1993 and was recently acquired by TracFone, is the larger and older of the two.

Non-Verizon phones had to be "flashed" (reprogrammed) in order to actually work on the Verizon network. There's no charge for either text.The new feature is in Beta and still has a couple of quirks. All Selectel plans include no-extra cost off-network voice and network roaming.Selectel service is currently 3G only, with LTE expected to be available soon.
Selectel, which launched in May, 2013 is unusual in that it offers no extra cost off-network voice roaming with all plans. Selectel itself charges a $30 activation fee.The plans currently work with Verizon branded 3G hotspots only. Selected itself didn't flash phones but many independent mobile dealers and online flashing services did for around $40 and up.Selectel says the non-Verizon phone ban is a result of a Verizon policy change that will eventually effect all Verizon MVNOs. For one thing, sending a text to an email address rather than to a phone number or short code can be a little tricky. Selectel can activate any clean-ESN, non-LTE Verizon phone except for ones sold for use on Verizon prepaid. Page Plus Cellular, a much larger Verizon MVNO, is still accepting non-Verizon phones at the moment.
With most phones you have to type the email address directly into the messaging app, sending a text to an email address from Contacts doesn't work.
At least one BYO T-Mobile customer got the email saying they were being switched to Selectel, in spite of the fact that their GSM phone would not work on Verizon's CDMA network. Most Verizon LTE phones can also be activated on Selectel but require complex manual programming (aka "Flashing") to get them working. For more about Selectel see our Selectel Operator Profile.Genius Wireless is one of the largest Selectel and Page Plus dealers and is noted for good customer service. It's available for free from Selectel with purchase of the $50 plan and a $30 activation fee.
There's no shortage of rumors however, with predicted time frames for PagePlus getting LTE ranging from the end of this month to early next year. Selectel told their dealers that the ban will hit Page Plus July 29 but there is no confirmation of this from Page Plus.If you currently have a non-Verizon phone active on Selectel, I believe that it will continue to work as long as you don't do anything to the account that would cause a deactivation like putting a different phone on the account. If you're using Hangouts as your messaging app you're out of luck as Hangouts doesn't support texting to email addresses. A user who contacted Selectel was also told that their BYO account balances would not be transferred to Selectel.

At least that's what happened when Verizon began blocking their prepaid phones from being activated on MVNOs several years ago.
Currently the process is partially manual on Selectel's end and it can take Selectel anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours to return the information. To make an international call you need to dial an access number (540-322-2466) wait for a prompt and then dial your international number.I think Google Voice is a better option for international calling, especially if you have an iPhone or Android phone. It also comes with 100 minutes of no extra cost international calling.New Selectel activations also come with a $2 starter airtime credit. PagePlus, which was founded in 1993 and was recently acquired by TracFone, is the larger and older of the two. Prepaid phones activated before the ban still work as long as they have been continuously active on the same Page Plus number.It's kind on ironic that Selectel got hit with the ban on non-Verizon devices first. You can dial directly your from a dialer or contact list with the app on both platforms, your credit never expires and the market basket price of 4.8? (Canada 0, China 1?, Mexico 5?, Philippines 15?, United Kingdom 3?) is better than with Selectel's $10 card and almost as good as with the $20 card. Effective October 1, 2014, PagePlus no longer includes any starter airtime and now also requires the purchase of $10 or more of airtime when activating a line or initiating a port in.Selectel and PagePlus are both Verizon MVNOs. Selectel, which launched in May, 2013 is a scrappy upstart that's made a name for itself by including no extra cost off-network roaming with all plans. Back in May, Selectel told its dealers that Verizon would block other MVNOs from activating non-Verizon phones beginning June 24, but that the banned devices would still be allowed to activate on Selectel because it used the postpaid Verizon network. Selectel dealers were notified of the availability of international calling earlier this week along with this rate list.Selectel offers a number of plans (listed below). For more about Selectel see our Selectel Operator Profile.Genius Wireless is one of the largest Selectel and PagePlus dealers and is noted for good customer service.
A unique feature of Selectel among Verizon MVNOs is that it offers no extra cost domestic voice roaming is included. Other Verizon MVNOs either don't offer roaming like BYO or charge extra for it like Page Plus.

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