WE ARE OPEN EVERYDAY, FEEL FREE TO COME IN AND GIVE US A CHANCE TO WOW YOU WITH THE SERVICES AND BEAUTIFUL PROTECTIVE CASES. If you are not sure exactly what is wrong with your phone and have questions, check our FAQ page or simply send us an email. At Golden Cell Phone Solutions we fix cell phones, repair water damage on mobiles, recover data and help you find a new smartphone.
You can send us an email or you can fill out a contact form and include specific details regarding your particular problem.

You can also call us by phone or send a text us from our contact page or your cell phone and we will schedule your needed repairs quickly.
I Fix It will beat any written estimate by any other cell phone repair company in Victoria.
Simply ship us your item to be repaired and we'll make sure you have it back in no time at all. I Fix It also has a Trade in Program in place for those phones, iPods and iPads that you no longer want.

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