If your smartphone regularly feels hot to the touch there are some things you can do to help cool it down. If your iPhone screen is blurry sometimes or all of the time you’ve got an issue on your hands that needs to be resolved. Protecting your smartphone at the beach is so much easier than you may think, so long as you know these tricks to keep your phone dry, cool, clean and free of sand. There are many app innovations expected to launch in 2016, and as a result we’ve got some pretty neat things to look forward to this year. If you live in Florida any one of these 6 apps could forever change your life, or at least enhance your daily routine.
The Apple Watch sapphire display is advertised as unbreakable, so what do you do when you notice your Apple Watch is scratched or cracked? My Broken Phone has the secret to fixing almost any broken phone, or at the very least recovering data off a broken device. We are proud to announce two My Broken Phone locations, Sarasota and Riverview, now offer micro soldering repairs to fix severely broken phones traditional repairs cannot fix.
A new contender has stepped onto the smartwatch scene with luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer producing the latest smartwatch. Thankfully, once you pinpoint the cause of the issue there are a number of potential fixes.

Florida’s weather equals plenty of lazy days spent lounging at the beach or catching waves on your surfboard. At My Broken Phone we are always playing around with different apps, here are some of our favorites for Florida locals, as well as people planning to travel to Florida. Despite how durable the Apple Watch is advertised to be, the super strength sapphire display screen is breakable. Before you panic there are ways to repair many of the tiny components found inside the motherboard, all thanks to micro soldering. Micro soldering also offers our technicians the ability to recover data from phones with extensive water damage or other serious problems. But how does the Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch compare to the Apple Watch and other popular smartwatches on the market?
My Broken Phone has fixed countless iPhones with blurry screens, as well as iPhones that suddenly start taking blurry pictures. But, did you know that the more time you spend at the beach the greater risk your smartphone is of breaking? Facebook Announces Threads Are The New Apps Of 2016 Facebook knows what they are talking about, especially considering they were the fastest growing mobile app of 2015, largely thanks to their messenger mobile platform.
Many people experience the shock of a cracked or broken Apple Watch screen, so you’re not alone.

Most US-based cell phone repair shops do NOT fix damaged motherboards, because they have not invested in micro soldering technology.
This technical process grants our technicians access to the tinniest chips on your phone’s motherboard circuit so that small parts can be removed and replaced with precision.
If you don’t live near our Sarasota or Riverview location, you can send in your broken device by mail from anywhere in the US and we are happy to fix it, or at the very least recover your data. Key Features Of Tag Heuer Connected: The watch is a partnership product by Tag Heuer and Google, and marks the very first smartwatch to include an Intel chip. That doesn’t mean your phone should feel excessively warm when in use or charging, and if it does it could be a sign of an underlying issue.
Sometimes the actual screen isn’t all that blurry, but colors appear less vibrant and clear than usual. Oftentimes, people have no idea when the damage occurred, they simply look down at the watch to check the time and notice the cracked or scratched screen.

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