A few weeks back we asked some questions to find out how you, our readers, are using your mobile phones. And while the results can most probably apply to mobile phone enthusiasts all over the world they are hardly accurate as far as the whole world population is concerned. Here are some numbers that prove this further: 96% of all respondents browse the web on their mobile phone and more than 88% have a Wi-Fi enabled handset. Nokia phone series - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Nokia nseries is a product family composed exclusively of smartphones and internet tablets. Nokia x3-02 price, specifications, features, comparison, Nokia x3-02 mobile was launched in september 2010.. Nokia e71 - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The nokia e71 smartphone released 2008 eseries range qwerty keyboard targeting business users worldwide. Following the rugged G?zOne Commando is yet another tough-as-nails smartphone from Casio for those who like to go out in the rough and don't want to worry about damaging their phones. The G-Shock shock phone carries the signature design of the watches by placing all the buttons on the sides near the corners.
Unfortunately, we don't know much regarding the hardware specifications of the device at the moment.
The second Android device coming from HTC is looking much better and the software improvements are more than welcome. Hey, this Android thing may take off after all!After wowing virtually no one with the hacker's delight T-Mobile G1 (one of the most egregiously ugly phones ever to hit the market), T-Mobile and manufacturer HTC have spent nearly a year re-educating themselves about what a cell phone should look like and how it should work. We’ve been playing around with the HTC Dream since launch date to give this device a good go around. We like the Magic, maybe even love it a little bit, but we can't deny being disappointed at the parts of this phone that are missing. Confusingly, the Magic will be released in Australia in two variants; one offered by Vodafone with a couple of consumer-focused additions like geotagging, and the other offered by 3 Mobile with baked in Microsoft ActicSync compatibility. Back in February HTC and Vodafone sprang a surprise in Barcelona with the launch of the HTC Magic, but TechRadar managed to get half an hour in the Spanish sun in the company of the latest handset everyone's talking about. However, we're sure that a lot of people will be enjoying the fact it could slip into your pocket unnoticed, and it certainly doesn't suffer from the fact it's been hitting the mobile phone gym to shed some weight.
There isn’t much to say really – you wanted a messenger handset with a camera and you got it. Strengths: I purchased the Nokia E61I for business use and it does everything I need, and more.
Still, one in three users globally and about half of those aged 18-24 use an IM service daily.
South Americans, Asians and Africans are also very keen on Instant messaging, while Oceanians seem least interested.
Social networks are all the rage these days and given how important it is to always be online, it?s only logical that more and more people are using their cell phones to engage in social network activities. Naturally, it?s the younger users (up to 24 years) who are the most active, with the number using the feature daily nearing 60%. In geography terms, it?s Oceania in the lead, while conservative Europeans are obviously not as enthusiastic about handheld social networking. For a while there, the megapixel war and the cameraphone evolution seemed to have stopped so we were wondering if people had actually given up on the idea of having their cell phone replace their digicam. The poll results come to confirm this: 39% of daily usage doesn?t sound like much, but that is easily explained with the fact that there?re just not many things you need to shoot everyday. However the total user base of 98.6% for this feature leaves no doubt that our readers like to take photos with their cell phones.
As far as frequency is concerned ? photography seems to be an age thing ? teenagers are most likely to take photos on a daily basis, while 50+ users only use the camera on their handsets once a week. We were curious to know if many of you were using the so-called special shooting modes that are nowadays considered essential in every self-respecting cameraphone. Understandably, video capture isn?t as popular as still photography for mobile phone users.

But no more ? the 720p and 1080p barriers were broken in quick succession, while continuous autofocus and lossless digital video zoom started making their way into the smartphone world.
And when that happens (or even before that) we believe the 13.4% of daily users will increase rapidly.
And just like still photos, videography is an age thing ? the younger are the most likely to shoot a video clip each day. From creating content to sharing content ? the step is getting shorter and shorter as cell phones in general, and smartphones in particular, evolve. Given the little interest they have in social networks and instant messaging, it?s hardly a surprise that people aged 50+ are least likely to share the content of their cell phone galleries. Looking at the geography, we once again see South America in the lead with Europe lagging behind. You won?t be able to bring those numbers to the next class reunion, but you might just learn what your fellow commenters do on their handsets.
We will be starting with an infographic summing up some of our most exciting findings right after the break. The display is surrounded by a thick frame, which would prevent any damage even if it falls flat on a surface. Also, even on the software front, all we know is that it will be running Android, presumably Gingerbread.
An external, MicroSD, MicroSDHC expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. It only weighs a measly 116 grams and comes packed with everything you could want (e-mail, contacts, web, camera, video and the Android market).
The Magic is perfect for young, hip, tech-savvy types for whom the lack of decent multimedia will be a major turn off, especially when compared with the iPhone's excellent iPod capabilities. However, I can't help but think that the part I enjoyed was the Android UI, and not necessarily the handset itself.
The decision to strike off the QWERTY keyboard might have helped make it more svelte, and has certainly contributed to a thinner design, but it makes the whole thing feel a little lightweight.
An external, MiniSD (up to 2 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity. Being probably the handiest messaging option, IM?s only problem at this stage is it?s pretty data-traffic-intensive. The feature is still to gain speed with people older than 41, who probably don?t have the time or the habit.
With just 3.8% of you selecting the ?Would if I could? option, it?s more than clear that social networking has already been made available to about everyone who wants to try it. Then came the N8, which became insanely popular and we knew it was just a temporary loss of form rather than a decreasing trend.
Even in the group that takes the least photos - women - only 2.7% never use the feature and that is including the 2% that would like to give cameraphones a try.
It looks they have a quarter of the daily popularity and about 75% of the total popularity of taking photos in general. Teenagers are, of course, the most active in their usage, but that?s just because they also take the most photos. This is mostly explained by the fact that by the time 8 megapixel cameras were available on mobile phones, the camcorder capabilities still hovered around VGA or D1.
At this point top-end smartphones are some decent image stabilization away from matching digicams in video recording. Still we don?t think it will ever match the still shooting popularity as still pictures are often used for other purposes ? capturing labels instead of writing notes, scanning barcodes etc.
No wonder then that 13.6% of all people share a photo or video at least once a day, while one in five uploads some images or footage each week. As you could imagine, the results should be representative enough given the number of respondents representing various age groups, both genders and different continents.
Being so informed and passionate about cell phones (why would you else be here reading all those long reviews) you tend to spend more time with your phone and use most of the features.

I strongly recommend the Magic to those that didn't have the chance to get the G1 last year. Some people might miss the G1's hardware keyboard, but many people will prefer the new model, with its slimmer profile and on-screen keyboard.While the phone is largely a success, it has some weak points. With an honestly lighthearted and disarming approach, the HTC Magic is willing to play by the conventional touchscreen rules. This wouldn't be such a huge problem if it shipped with an iTunes-like syncing and conversion software, but it doesn't. Vodafone also bundles data with the plan while 3 customers will need to add a data plan at an extra cost — a significant consideration for a phone that surfs the web so beautifully.
Sure, the trackball can be handy, but it isn't really necessary most of the time, as the Magic is a full touchscreen device.
By all accounts, they emerge as must-have?s ? mobile photography wouldn?t be the same without them for three quarters of the users out there. It was always easier to find a decent still camera while video recording was, until not too long ago, often left out of the spotlight.
The last Android phones coming from HTC, Magic and Hero, have great potential on the market, but I'm sure that the Taiwanese manufacturer will surprise us pretty soon with more and better Android devices.The GoodBesides the fact that Android performs as one of the best operating systems for mobile platforms, especially in terms of speed and stability, I would also like to mention the stylish design of the device and the improvements that have been made to the camera. Battery life is still less than one would hope for, explaining T-Mobile's decision to sell battery extenders, and the camera performance still leaves much to be desired. The browser stomps others in usability, too, and feels speedy even when tethered to the plodding EDGE network.
I dont miss windows mobile at all and i feel the same functionality is exceeded on this device.
We've also suffered from a bit of multi-touch envy after having spent time with HTC's Hero.
Compact dimensions and distinct styling, decent all round functionality and system expandability, the HTC Magic seems to have what it takes to keep both smart and feature phone touchscreens on edge. I must say with this one of the first devices to have the Android platform I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy this was to get to start using.
The worst part of the phone was definitely it's battery, which needs charging daily with normal use. If you want a nice full featured qwerty keyboard device take a look this might be the device for you. Besides that, I think a better autonomy of the battery would've been great, even though its capacity has been improved since the first Android device. In spite of those shortcomings, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G is a great phone for day to day use.
The second edition of the OS should have dealt with the issues of the forerunner and given the Magic that extra bit of pace. The Magic's camera was also a big disappointment, and the newly included video mode was nothing to get excited about.On the other hand, the Android UI wasn't perfect either, with some surprising omissions, such as not being able to select multiple items, and the lack of Microsoft Exchange support right out of the box.
So, what do you call a good platform getting better and a gadget looking more mainstream but still creative enough? Still, it would be foolish to forget that the Android OS is still in its infancy at the moment. Nice collection of business and media apps, including a project team manager and RealPlayer. From the beginning though, Android gets one thing right - it is great fun to use, which makes it difficult to put down at times. Once the Android UI gets an update to address the various niggles, it'll be all the sweeter.

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