An ‘ice floe’ and a virtual hockey game aren’t usually key features of a mobile phone store!  But they are two of the attractions pulling in the public at Russian phone operator, MegaFon’s new winter Olympics-themed store. As an official sponsor of the 2014 winter Olympic Games, MegaFon, one of Russia’s biggest mobile phone operators, wanted to create a destination retail store for tourists to reflect its involvement with the games.
The stylish new look, which is the work of international retail consultancy, Shopworks, combines the calm and natural MegaFon brand identity (a key feature of the new store is a live wall of plants) with a fluid, dynamic look to reflect the movement and dynamism of winter sports. Focal points include the central ice floe unit which incorporates a multi-touch panel displaying MegaFon products and services, and the children’s virtual hockey game which is as popular with adults as it is with children- a camera projects a hockey pitch onto the floor, complete with virtual ball and a goal at either end! The store is situated in the GUM retail centre in Red Square, one of the oldest trading centres in Moscow with architecture dating back to the 19th century.  While the look is thoroughly modern, the design works with ceiling arcs and stucco to acknowledge the building’s historical past.

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Disney exited the cell phone business in the US back in 2007, but the MVNO Disney operates in Japan seems to be doing well: last month, Disney Mobile Japan started offering a special Android phone, which is currently being advertised on national TV.
If you make it to Tokyo, and if you happen to be both a Disney fan and cell phone geek: the store is located in Shinjuku ward and open every day.
Disney Mobile is a subset of Disney Interactive that is responsible for designing mobile apps and managing its content and services. It’s very small (Disney wouldn’t say how small), too, but my guess is the target group over here doesn’t care.

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