When was the last time you were out in public and didn’t see someone with a cell phone – either chatting away or texting until their fingers were a blur?
So – just because everyone else seems to have given their kids cell phones, does that mean I have to?
This is my number one reason for getting cell phones for my kids, and for considering purchasing another one. For all of those worries I have as a parent, a cell phone does provide peace of mind, even if my kids are never actually in a dangerous situation. Not only are cell phones tools for peace of mind, but they save me minutes that quickly turn into hours each week. Whether or not you own a cell phone, you have probably heard the conflicting reports about their safe use, especially by children. Probably bigger safety concerns about cell phone use and children are related to distracted driving and bullying via technology.
Set clear guidelines and follow through with the consequences if your child fails to follow them. Make sure your children understand that what is sent in a text can and will be used against you someday.
As I move through the years with my children and work to communicate with them, stay connected with them, and keep them safe, cell phones seem to be natural parts of the equation in a world where instant access is commonplace.
P-Per mobile phone is a combination of advanced, simple, green and unique, designed by Chocolate Agency, this cell phone won Red Dot Design Awards 2007.
In addition, the concept of the device has a thickness of 7.5 millimeters and a display that can represent the content with a resolution of 1080p.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Just to clarify, my 15 year-old has her own phone, and the kids have shared another cell phone for a few years, each one being able to take it when they go somewhere without me or their dad.
I text my daughter to make sure she is OK when out with friends, a subtle and unobtrusive way to stick my nose in and make sure she is safe.

Raising 4 busy children who on any given day can be spread out across several towns or cities at various events is a daily achievement in time management and multi-tasking. Radiation-emitting products are of health safety concerns, and cell phones do fall into that category. Even though many states are making it illegal to text and drive and are imposing strict regulations on cell phone use and teen drivers, the message isn’t always getting through. Even though it is SO tempting, don’t talk on your cell phone, even where it is legal, while driving. Many times I’ve had my kids tell me who is calling, have them answer my phone, and then act as my personal assistant while I concentrate on driving. She is also on an incredible journey as she home schools her 4 children, and is supported through it all by her husband of more than 15 years, Steve.
Exploring many possibilities of sustainable design, P-Per made only from 4 layers, and one of them is an e-paper screen (which is chocolate agency famous product) which warps the entire phone. It’s a longboard with a […]P-One Modular Concept Phone by Bilal Khan P-One modular concept phone was conceived at the IT university Lahore, Pakistan by Bilal Khan.
Max Borgof indicates that his concept phone of the future based on the likely possibility of folding it, thanks to advanced technologies.
However, I am extremely far from purchasing phones for my 8 & 10 year olds so they can text with their friends and have instant access to the world from their tree fort. Research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 74% of cell phone owners report having used their cell phones in emergencies. Cell phones let me keep up with them, their schedules, and my husband, coordinating our time and wasting less of it.
However, according to the FDA, there is no research that clearly states that cell phones do not have any relations to health problems.
Parents must be proactive and help their children be safe cell phone users in a few simple steps. I don’t plant to give up real face-to-face quality interactions any time soon, but I do plan to take advantage of the benefits of technology.

Made out entirely of sustainable materials, this futuristic mobile phone is using extruded polycarbonate to cope with its physical functions, hypoallergenic and recyclable titanium parts, and environmental friendly organic battery which is free from heavy metals. The device features interesting ways of connecting and disconnecting the call via its virtual keys system that takes a bit of its screen space. Their younger siblings have apparently jumped onto the bandwagon as well, with 60% of tweens ages 10-14 and 22% of kids 6-9-years-old having the gadgets. Way back in the day my parents used to make sure that I carried a quarter with me so that I could call them for a ride, to let them know where I was, or in case of emergency, using any of the hundreds of pay phones that once dotted the landscapes where teenagers would hang out.
If she is worried when I am a few minutes late or if her activity ends early, she can call or text and get a response in seconds, putting both of our minds at ease.
The FDA does promote the idea that further research is needed, especially for long-term use and among the pediatric population.
So when I rushed back to our apartment building I found her cell phone lying on the bed and she was nowhere around. It's a phone that is repairable, upgradable, and tailored to meet your style and needs in a sustainable and responsible way. Does he need a cell phone or simply want one like I wanted a pink Walkman I could take on the bus to volleyball practice in 8th grade? To keep it in perspective, at this time cell phones are ranked at the same level of carcinogenic exposure as coffee and talc powder. I checked up her cell phone and tried asking every other person she has been with since morning but nobody had any idea where she is. Then I noticed her laptop was missing and I suddenly realized that she was studying at the clubhouse and eventually she was there, had she carried her cell phone with her that day we could get away from m all the chaos; though we found her with another tech related hint.

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