Manufacturers have systematically used copyright in this manner over the past 20 years to limit our access to information.
Kyle Wiens is the co-founder and CEO of iFixit, an online repair community and parts retailer internationally renowned for their open source repair manuals and product teardowns. Because manufacturers have copyrighted the service manuals, local mechanics can’t fix modern equipment. Adams gave up on getting his transplanters fixed; it was just too expensive to keep flying technicians out to his farm. Neighborhood car mechanics also see copyright as a noose constricting their ability to fix problems.
New cars get more sophisticated every year, and mechanics need access to service information to stay in business.
As long as Congress focuses on just unlocking cellphones, they’re missing the larger point. Buy microsoft lumia 650 dual sim review - microsoft store, Microsoft lumia 650 dual sim features 5- hd display, windows 10, 16gb storage, dual sim, 8mp camera led flash.. Copyright is impacting more people than ever before because the line between hardware and software, physical and digital has blurred. We should be able to lift the hood, unlock it, modify it, repair it … without asking for permission from the manufacturer. Because modifying modern objects requires access to information: code, service manuals, error codes, and diagnostic tools.

Fortune 500 telecom manufacturer Avaya, for example, is known for suing service companies, accusing them of violating copyright for simply using a password to log in to their phone systems. Technology has moved too fast for copyright laws to keep pace, so corporations have been exploiting the lag to create information monopolies at our expense and for their profit. Launched out of his Cal Poly college dorm room in 2003, iFixit has now empowered upwards of 15 million people to repair their broken stuff. Now, the two transplanters sit idle, and he can’t use them to support his farm and his family. Under the cover of copyright law, auto companies have denied independent shops access to the diagnostic tools and service diagrams they need. In September of last year, Massachusetts passed Right to Repair legislation designed to level the playing field between dealerships and independent repair shops.
With grassroots groups leading the charge, the Obama administration announced its support for overturning the ban last week. Let’s make one thing clear: Fixing our cars, tractors, and cellphones should have nothing to do with copyright. After years of extensions and so-called improvements, copyright has turned Mickey Mouse into a monster who can never die. But now, they are doing exactly the opposite: They’re being used to keep independent shops from fixing new cars. That’s a problem for farmers, who can’t afford to pay the dealer’s high maintenance fees for fickle equipment.

Under the rallying cry of “it’s your car, you should be able to repair it where you want,” voters passed the bill by a whopping 86 percent margin.
Since then, members of Congress have authored no fewer than four bills to legalize unlocking. Now, with electronics integrated into just about everything we buy, the answer has changed. The law circumvents copyright, requiring manufacturers to release all service information to Massachusetts car owners and service technicians. Service information is freely available online for many smartphones from iFixit (my organization) and other websites.
And, as we’ve seen in the past few weeks, they’re preventing regular people from unlocking their own cellphones. Not coincidentally, thousands of cellphone repair businesses have sprung up in recent years, using the repair knowledge to keep broken cellphones out of landfills.

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