It’s a very cool device, and while thinking about how far cell phones have come, I realized I got my first cell about ten years ago. I couldn’t find a picture of my first phone, but it was a Nokia, shaped like a brick, that looked very similar to the one in this picture. My next model was the chubby, banana-shaped Nokia 6000-something, very similar to the picture. Cons: It was still too small to carry in my pocket, and its ubiquity meant confusion if you left it on a table at work. This post is getting pretty long, so I’m going to cut it off here, with a plan to continue with Part 2, phones 5-8 tomorrow or sometime. The views expressed on this blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.
Nowadays, we all know about the incredible impact that development of communication media has had on our lives. In contrast, today people use their cell phones to send text messages as their primary media of communication in order to express their feelings to the person they love.
This is the reason why, throughout this article, you my dear reader will be able to find out a series of short and original messages to send via your cell phone, which will probably help you to keep alive the love you have for that special person in your heart. We hope you liked this article and that the exposed messages in it will help you to improve the relationship you have with the person you love. Send your originals Sms, text, text messages, quotes, Love cell phone messages , and will be published, others friends will thank you . DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Cell phones can fetch more than a thousand dollars inside Texas prisons and have become the most sought after contraband among inmates.

Though they are banned, just last year investigators found hundreds of smuggled cell phones.  They were discovered hidden in juice cans, books, and one was even found inside an inmate’s body cavity. In Texas prisons last year, more than 900 cell phones were confiscated.  Most, 738, were not discovered until an inmate had used it.
Inside the walls of Mineral Wells prison 117 were found, the most recovered at any facility. To access the information stored inside confiscated cell phones, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice created a forensics lab.  When attached to readers and sophisticated software, every call, text, and picture taken on a phone can be extracted. The Raza Unida prison gang used smuggled cell phones to traffic drugs, organize home invasions, and put hits out on witnesses.  Inmate David Puckett used a cell phone to plan his escape, and death row inmate Richard Tabler used a cell phone to call State Senator John Whitmire. Texas lawmakers have not approved the more than$100 million it would cost to put the system at every Texas prison.
Despite having the largest number of smuggled cell phones discovered at any one unit, the Mineral Wells prison is not scheduled to receive an access management system.
Senator Whitmire also told CBS 11 that he is pushing to close the Mineral Wells facility in part because of its problem with contraband cell phones. Brian joined the CBS 11 News team in 2013 after working as an investigative reporter for the CBS affiliate in San Antonio. I was fiddling with my iPhone, listening to music, wondering if it would get a signal if I took it out of Airplane Mode, then paranoid that it might crash the plane. So, to make the time go faster, I cataloged all the phones I’ve owned and what I thought of them. This sleek baby fit in my pocket, which has always been my primary criterion for a phone or pager (remember those?).

The battery life was way better, and the unit weighed a fraction of what the Nokia banana model did.
I had it for a while, and as other phones went to color and other sexy features, it got old quickly.
Just for mentioning an example, in the past, people who were in love had to send love letters to each other to express what their feelings were. The battery lasted longer, the phone was small enough to go into a coat pocket, not pants though unfortunately, and the pull-up antenna was gone.
You could buy a bigger battery, but that made the phone more of a banana and less portable. I eventually cracked the screen, but that was after a lot of drops, the downside to a small phone. Listing all these phones is making me feel bad, like I should have kept them longer (and out of a landfill). So, I was really stoked to get my very own StarTAC, the first phone I can remember that went by its name in the common parlance.

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