I was going to blog this as part of my Christmas countdown since it would be nice to be able to send all your friends a free text message wishing them a Merry Christmas but I figured it’s too generic and not just limited to that occasion. Generally speaking, it is supposed to be free to receive text messages even without a plan unless perhaps if you’re roaming in another country.
The rules are different for email and website texts and it isn’t consistent across carriers. I’ve never had service with Bell, but I was a client with Telus for years and I would text on a pay-per-use basis and it was always free to receive text. I don’t think Koodo gets charged for incoming texts but I do have a plan so that is probably why.
In the summer, both Telus and Bell changed their policies and now charge for incoming texts unless you have a texting plan.
Telus Mobility has always charged the recipient for text messages sent from the Telus Mobility web site. Since all the changes Rogers is the only one and the ones they own like Fido do not charge for incoming text messages and all others do . A humours note some even text people they dont like anymore all day so they get a $50 a day phone bill charge . Melissa, my son has Speakout phones, and we’ve had no luck at all tracking down something to use yet for me to email him a text! The Rogers page for sending free text message requires sign-in with 10 digit of cell phone number and password.
I have an LG phone from telus and I have just started using this free internet text messaging program like maybe 10 minutes ago. Thanks for the rogers short cut link Dan, it’s weird the way they want you to register now to send a text.
At least in the case of the service provider Rogers, yes there is a monthly service charge to use the website to phone texting service.
Just another note, make sure if you send from email that you do not have a long signature because then it may be too many characters for one message. 2 way txt messaging from the Rogers Website is free – for the sender, and for the receiver. Sending txt msgs from phone has always been 15c, but now if sent to someone in another country – its 75c.
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Last 4 days I am trying to contact your customer service representative to transfer my present sim number to new registered nano sim. In my case, I signed up for a promotion through their website, but that promotion was not applied to my account, and I was charged at the default plan rate.
Petro Canada Mobile service reps made it abundantly clear that I was to blame for this situation, and that they would not extend any good faith offers to me to fix things, such as a credit or apology.
I strongly recommend you stay away from this company, or like the rest of us you'll find your account balance defrauded and your phone non-functional. I activated a new SIM card and topped up with 100 $ of credit for 365 days of service ending in December 2016. There is no way to to top up the exact amount of what you should pay that you have to pay extra every time. You just need to know the number and the carrier of the recipient to start emailing them to their cell phone. I think you should warn though that some providers (Telus at least) will charge the receiver for incoming messages from the website or e-mail. Sometimes when the text msg gets too long, it gets broken into 2, and I end up getting charged $.30 for a really long msg.
Since Koodo is a part of Telus, you might if you’re not on their unlimited messaging plan. Doesnt matter how the person sends it , if they have incoming its charged to the person who gets it on the phone .What this did now is cause more confusion and somewhere someone is going to end up with a huge phone bill . Bell offers 140 character texts and I believe Rogers offers 160 characters so sometimes I will get a 2 or 3 pg text from friends with Rogers. That means we need to sign up with our phone number… Wonder if that would charge in our phone bill as a regular message? I’ve sent a few text messages to my friend and it works, because she sent one back onto my email, where I wanted it to go to. Checking Bell's term of use, we find out that Bell Canada only expects what is reasonable from its customers. I was not able to do it because I could not stay longer than 75 min on hold for a representative! This company offers terrible customer service and is not interested in retaining customers that need any assistance or troubleshooting.

They genuinely only care about your money and could not care less about customer experience. Also some spammers are texting too cells now too .A million spam messages will make a providers millions of dollars in revenue and if the person complains it is nothing to refund 15 cents but then you have to call , wait onhold , explain this issue .
So email texts are frustrating because the person sending them isn’t counting the characters they can send and so they go on and on and I have to then ask for them to send the message in pieces. Does the person recieving the message via msn messenger have to sign up for any service or is the text sent straight to thier phone?
I live in a medium city and network sometimes goes down through out day even with no reason . I find that people can email my home email and I have my cell set up to receive notifications from my email provider and I can get all of my email that way. Now the guy said that if I leave My province and text, then it will charge me, but does the same go for if I am in my own province texting someone in another country?
I also dislike there stupid 911 fees which cost 1.25 per month and no other company charges this anymore.
When u top up it looks like you have enough money and then they deduct there fee, so you have to buy minmium $15 . It would be nice if Bell would allow multi-page email texts but I have called a bunch of times and it’s not something that can be fixed. Customer service can do nothing except to launch an investigatiln and call me back in a few days. When I gave them the 20 digit SIM card number Customer service asked me for my PIN and I was told I had the wrong PIN. This is the second time I call Petro Mobility so I know that PIN was valid because it was accepted the first time I called.
Customer service seems to say my phone number was deactivated - but they can't tell me how that could happen??

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