If you have only occasional use for a mobile phone, it makes little sense to sign a two-year contract and pay high monthly rates. Remember those old Meineke Muffler commercials with the tough guy insisting that he wasn't gonna pay a lot for his muffler?
Sure, there are “pay per day” plans where you pay a flat fee for one day’s worth of calling.
In the second and third tiers, where people say, “Who?” when a company is named, you can find calling and texting plans that are designed to generate modest revenue from modest users. Republic’s phones are engineered to use available WiFi and VoIP technology to carrier most phone traffic essentially for free. Most homes and offices have WiFi these days; odds are you use a phone at home or work most of the time. Kajeet has a number of plans designed for minors of different age brackets and (presumed) needs. H20 Wireless has phones starting as low as $25 and service plans starting at $30 for unlimited talk, text, and MMS messages, plus 500 MB of data. Consumer Cellular was rated number one among budget carriers four years in a row by no less a judge than Consumer Reports. I have T-mobil pay as you go for 3 years now and it is great for me as I do not use a cell phone very often as they cause cancer. My wife and I switched from Verizon ($200 per month) to Republic ($40) about a year ago and we have been very happy with the service. Bob covers this topic every year or so and I've posted this tip as feedback each time: Page Plus Cellular has pretty competitive plans for heavy texters and data-hungry smart phones.
I use the cell phone very rarely only when I am away or out of the house for emergencies or notifying family members of my location & doings at times.
I now buy $10 worth of minutes each year and that allows me to carry over all unused minutes from the previous year.

I don't remember the exact details, but it got it for my daughter as an emergency phone for when she's driving. You're right about the Muffler, I went with that slogan to Meineke, the muffler cost me $27.99 but they "gave" me the "TAIL PIPE" that was like a colonoscopy!
Like Kevin below, I am very happy with my PagePlus, generally going with $39.95 for unlimited talk and text, with 500mb of data (3G data speed only at this time). From the comments, it seems like T-Mobile and Page Plus are the least expensive, so I will be looking into these. I've had TRACFONE for years and I have nothing to complain about (sometimes the customer service can be trying, but they always come through). There are no-contract, prepaid phone plans that can provide anything from simple voice calls, to texting, to Internet access on a pay-for-use basis.
If you're looking for ways to save money on your mobile phone bill, you might be feeling the same way.
If your Republic phone is within range of a WiFi access point it can access, connectivity costs Republic nothing so it can charge you very little. For $10 a month, you get unlimited talk, text, and data over WiFi plus talk and text only over Sprint’s cellular network. There are several other options to consider, including Net10, Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile's Paylo. I then paid $10 at the end of one year which added 33 min allowing me to roll over my 800 minutes so my cost for 2 years came to slightly less that $5 a month. The Motorola Defy phone has an incredibly small internal memory, but other than that it's a great phone. But they also have what is probably the best plan for light users with ordinary phones, especially emergency-only users like the elderly.
With their shrinkage plan I pay $40 bucks a month for unlimited everything, not a bad deal compared to all the rest.

My wife and I have been using them for about two years now after ditching Verizon and their almost $100 per month per person. Zero cost for a state-of-the-art windows phone, non contract, $35 per month with autopay, 4G LTE service, and 1Gigabyte of data.
Prepaid calling is priced too high per minute by the major carriers, who really want you locked into that two-year contract. When you move out of WiFi range, Republic’s phones automatically switch to Sprint’s cellular network. An unexpected bonus was our ability, via Wifi, to make calls to the US at no charge while we were in Europe. Instead of choosing unlimited this or that, go with the "standard plan" and pay just $10 once every 4 months. The only down side is that you have to buy a phone, but they have phones from $35 to $400 so theres something for everyone. Unfortunately, Page Plus's $80 refill is not available from them directly, only from certain full-service dealers who are few and far between. H=owever, all other refill levels (and the unlimited plans) can be bought at regular dealers or online from Page Plus customer service.
Another yearly or less, and one that is used less so we add 4 months of 100 minutes at $10 to keep the balance as necessary.

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