One of the most fascinating features provided by a phone is GPS functionality (at least for me it is). Go to Maps API Key signup page and pass on MD5 key (highlighted above) and we get a Maps API key. In order to display Google Map view, we need to update our Activity class (GPSLocatorActivity). Android provides location based services through LocationManager (package android.Location) class.
On running the application, we see a message displaying information about the GPS location. Running the application shows an address on the map in place of longitude and latitude values.
A lot many times, we want to add a marker (image) to the location because the small circle (shown in maps by default) is sometimes useless. Yes, let's run this application and as expected it should show a marker at the current GPS location.
Manoj Kumar is a Humble Programmer and a trainer having dozens of trainings, publications and articles to his wallet.
He started his professional career as a VC++ 6 trainer, moved to embedded systems and device driver development, then to complex biological systems and finally moved to pure application development. Find merchants who accept MasterCard® PayPass™ around the world with your Android’s GPS, by entering an address or an airport location, from wherever you happen to be.

Provides you with the distance between your chosen location and the PayPass enabled merchants.
Filters your PayPass search based on the type of merchants you need: convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, retail, transportation, automotive, and many more.
Allows you to report a problem that you had while using your PayPass card or device at a merchant.
Find exact Qibla direction from anywhere on the globe this very simple to use and very beautiful compass, right on your android. This is the most beautiful kaaba compass app in market which shows the mecca direction with excellent accuracy. This application shows Qibla direction based on current location on a beautiful background and dial. I never realized that interacting with GPS functionality is so easy until I worked with it.
GPSLocator gets the Latitude and Longitude information from GPS and displays the exact (or nearest, at times) location in Google Maps. Getting one is relatively easy but it requires our application to be signed with a certificate and notify Google about Hash (MD5) fingerprint of the certificate. We need to pass some information and it will generate a keystore file (Public Key Storage Certificate File).
Create a Run Configuration for the project to launch an AVD targeted to Google APIs (Check Prerequisite section).

And because the app is location aware, there’s no need to input your address or current location.
We can import any image (which we want to use) to our project (simple drag and drop also works).
If you found any app is not freeware, Trial or Ad supported please contact us and app will be removed shortly. This article is targeted to a beginner who wants to implement GPS functionality and work with Google Maps API as well. Later on, we need to register for location updates by calling requestLocationUpdates method.
As we are just interested in getting location updates, we will modify the code of onLocationChanged to navigate to the new location received in the map view. This method returns a List of Address which contains information about address of the specified location.
In order to set zoom level of Map, we need an instance of MapController and we can call its setZoom method. So, let's update the onCreate method of GPSLocatorActivity class to incorporate all these changes.

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