Follow the instructions below to setup some of the most popular PBX and VoIP switch systems to instantly recieve VoIP CNAM delivery on your inbound calls and DID numbers. We have instant CNAM configuration instructions for plain Asterisk, trixbox CE, trixbox PRO, Fonality PBX, Switchvox and FreeSWITCH.
Place your inbound routing rules where you see #CONTINUE INBOUND ROUTING HERE and your outbound routing rules where you see HANDLE OUTBOUND DIALING HERE.
Finally, edit the default config in the autoload_configs directory to hold your cidlookup configuration. We will help you configure your PBX or VoIP software to work with our CNAM database lookup for free.

Choose each route by clicking on the route name on the right side of the page, change the "CID Lookup Source" to "CallerIDService" and click the submit button. At the top of the screen, click on the "Apply Configuration Changes" button to begin receiving CNAM on your inbound calls!
Our exclusive service will return real time information on any number that comes across a Caller ID. Our service will return information in real time and will allow for further investigation upon request through our Premium Assisted Phone Search. Access the site from computer, laptop, cell phone, or web enabled tablet to receive real time results regarding ANY phone number.

Our professional Investigators constantly update our database with current information regarding Cell Phone, Home Phone, VOIP, 800, and Disconnected Phone Numbers. Most Caller ID Lookup services charge, don’t use their own databases, and will leave their customers with inaccurate information.
Using a modern Cell Phone Caller ID to initiate a Reverse Caller ID Lookup is a natural combination of two absolutely free services that yield fantastic investigatory information.

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