Discover How to Get UNLIMITED Cell Phone Service FREE and Get Paid Helping Others Do the Same! Q Link Wireless provides FREE cell phone service through the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program to qualifying families and individuals.
Are eligible for and currently receive benefits from the federal assistance program(s) identified in the application form. Do not currently receive Lifeline service from another provider and their household is not currently receiving a Lifeline benefit.

If the applicant is already participating in a Lifeline program from another provider, then the applicant agrees to cancel their current household Lifeline Program with the other provider in order to enroll in the Q LINK Lifeline Program. Will notify Q LINK WIRELESS by calling 1-855-754-6543 if and when they no longer qualify for any of the federal assistance programs identified in their application form. Reviewed the information contained in their application and certify that it is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and beliefs.
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For its cell phone business, FreedomPop requires its users to purchase a compatible device up front, which subscribers will be given 500MB of data, 500 text messages and 200 anytime voice minutes for free each month.
We believe having reliable cell phone service is a right not a privilege and want to give you the freedom to communicate without paying another cell phone bill again.

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