The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday formally called for a national ban on the usage of cell phones — whether used hands-free or not — while driving. The safety board’s recommendation does not carry legal weight, although as the governmental authority on driving and road safety, their word clearly has the power to help shape legislation. And while the most recent recommendations are being geared mostly toward your everyday commuter-types, the question of cell-phone-driving safety should be incredibly important for technicians in the field service industry, as field techs are constantly both on the road and trying to connect with home base for information. Apart from the actual safety issues for the drivers themselves, the looming threat of state fines for talking or texting while driving (which already exist here in California) may represent a new financial risk for service companies that don’t institute strong policies around cell phones in the van. Field Service Digital is the new destination for field service professionals driving the 21st century service economy — with industry news, technology insights, management best practices, executive and analyst briefings, and more.

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Currently, individual states govern the legality of talking or texting while driving — 35 states ban texting while driving, and 10 states ban drivers from talking on the phone at all.
Previously, he was managing editor for an electronic-book publishing company and a public relations writer. ServiceMax gives companies unprecedented capabilities in field service to increase revenue, perfect field service delivery, and delight customers.
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According to the NTSC, over 9 percent of road deaths last year were due to driver distraction.
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