As always, please feel free to email me at craftaway [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions!
We found a free printed map in an old National Geographic magazine that was the perfect size. We cut out each individual state from the paper map, and taped it to the license plate to use as a template for cutting with the aviator snips. We used white nails to blend in with the plates and painted a few tips of nails to match the specific color of the plate (i.e. We used 3 different pairs of aviator snips to cut the plates…one pair curved left, on pair curved right, and one pair cut straight…We also used the Dremmel tool with the grinder wheel to sand a few of the thicker, more difficult plates (like Texas)! We traced an outline on the board to use as a reference guide for placing the plates…while this did help the process in the end the plates did not line up perfectly and a few pencil marks still show today.

Use these as Digital Embellishments on your Handmade Cards, Blog, Website, Visual Design, Scrapbooking, or Collage Project. It was all she ever wanted… and in typical Tenacious T (my mom’s name is Terri) style, the next day she decided to make it, and the license plates were ordered! She had to specially order 2 black Texas and 2 blue CA ones (for this size, TX and California took 2 plates) My mom special ordered a few other states too, just for color distribution purposes.
Some of them are under another plate… most of the time you only need to cut out 2 or 3 sides of a state. My dad has a collection of all his old license plates from New York, California and LOTS from Texas.
I made them a little big for other art projects too, but they should resize just fine for scrapbooking!

This would be an awesome project to hang out the wall and remind me of all the places I have been!
Have fun using them to help capture those precious birthday memories of the precious children in your life.

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