Mobile phone users who dial an 0800 number will no longer have to pay for the call, thanks to an overhaul of call charges announced by the telecoms watchdog today.
Ofcoma€™s new rules will mean that call charges to numbers starting with 08, 09 or 118 will be broken down into the access charge, to be made clear by phone companies, and the service charge that must be specified by the organisation being contacted.
Premium rate call charges to 09 numbers will also be capped to protect consumers from rogue operators imposing sky-high charges. A nationwide communications campaign will launch next year to explain the call charge changes.The announcement come as a report from Ofcom revealed Britons benefit from cheaper broadband, mobile and landline deals than our counterparts in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US. The Ofcom report also looked at the amount we spend on communications relative to total household spending. Germany (A?27), where the cheapest deal was offered.However, the UK package included twice as many channels, making it difficult to compare TV on a like-for-like basis. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Can I keep the price off those websites that allow you to look up what homes have been sold for? It's as fast as a Lamborghini, as luxurious as a Jaguar and doesn't use a drop of petrol, but can a Tesla Model S get to Wales and back? SIMON LAMBERT wonders if super-low interest rates call this stock piece of financial wisdom into question.
Sim Free mobile phones are phones that are not tied to a specific provider or contract.  Most phones are supplied branded by a mobile phone company such as Vodafone, Orange or O2 (in the UK) and the cost of the phone is subsidised from cost of the 12 or 18 month contract.
A Spare mobile phone – one sim free mobile can be used as a spare for a whole family or small business in case a mobile gets damaged, stops working or is lost.

For children - a cheap sim free phone may be a better option as it could be lost or easily damaged and the cost of replacement can be better managed.
Changing provider – if you want to be able to easily move mobile phone provider, a Sim free phone allows you to do this more easily.  No unlock codes are required and your existing number can be “ported” between most providers quite quickly and easily.
Occasional use – If you have an expensive or bulky phone needed for every day use, you might prefer a smaller, lightweight or more robust mobile phone when on holiday, or going out for the day where a larger or more delicate expensive mobile would be a concern or distraction. For these reasons, many people keep a sim free mobile phone as a spare or alternative phone.
Many retail outlets are tied to one mobile phone company and do not have a good selection of sim free mobiles – or they are not attractively priced, as they prefer the higher returns and commissions from customers on 12 – 24 month contracts. Until now, calls to 0800, 0808 or 116 numbers have been free to call from landlines but have incurred a cost of up to 40p a minute for mobile users.
Calls to 0845 numbers can cost up to 11p a minute from landlines and 41p a minute from mobiles.
This is set to change from June 2015, as part of a package of reforms to make call charges clearer, Ofcom said.
But unless using a BT line, callers are not told how much these numbers cost, resulting in some nasty surprises on phone bills at the end of the month. It will mean the end of warnings on adverts that a€?calls may vary from other landlines and calls from mobiles may cost considerably morea€™.

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