If you are planning on buying a video game, right now Gamestop is probably the first place that comes to mind. Remember the days of waiting for your brother to get off the phone so you could call your BFF (who you haven’t seen since high school, making that second F a total lie), and then once you were on the phone your Mom bugging you to get off because she was waiting for a call from the doctor? How long until we start storing the DVDs in the basement next to the VHS tapes and Laser Discs? I predict that we’re not to far off from Gay Marriage being legal in all fifty states, most likely due to a Supreme Court ruling. They’ve outlasted (read bought out) competitors such as Funco Land, EB Games, and Babbages.

But starting with Microsoft’s ill named XBox One, buying used games is going to become harder. Not to mention the complete lack of privacy if the only phone was installed in the living room. Even Red Box knows this, which is why they’ve started their own streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon.
The people against such a measure will be viewed the same as those who were for segregation,.
All three major players in the video game business are trying hard to convince their users to buy their games over the internet and skip the stores.

As people upgrade to their HDTVs, and then upgrade again to 4k TVs, DVDs will keep looking crappier and crappier compared to other formats.

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