Let this serve as a good reminder for Facebook users to never enter your username and password outside of the Facebook homepage. Only your friends can add Wall posts on Facebook, so any posts linking to phishing sites are either from hacked accounts or else people have added the phishers as a friend. The EZlocal BlogEverything to do with Local SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Google+ Local and more – as our team stumbles across it, or learns from it, we share it. Top mobile games ios, android, java & gameloft, Download games ios, android, windows phone tablet.

Facebook app store - itunes, Read reviews, compare customer ratings, screenshots, learn facebook. Note that the URL in the quote above, which leads to what looks like a Facebook sign in page, is not Facebook. So if you visit the site (don’t), DO NOT enter your Facebook credentials or any other personal information.
Thankfully, if that person is your Facebook friend – you can easily view his or her phone number by logging into your Facebook account.

Contacts section of your Facebook profile show listing of Facebook friends along with their mobile phone numbers. Only friends who have chosen setting to show phone number to other Facebook friends will have phone number listing along with their name.See Mobile Phone number of friends on Facebook1.

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