Another news report this week focused on the devastation of caribou habitat in northwestern Alberta.
Former deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk’s campaign for the Progressive Conservative leadership was left reeling yesterday when it was reported that he racked up a $20,000 cell phone bill on his government cell phone while on a personal trip to Poland and Israel in October 2012.
PC leadership front-runner Jim Prentice changed his tune on plans to legislate term-limits for MLAs and Premiers in Alberta. An important endorsement was made in the less-talked about campaign to lead the Alberta NDP.
The Liberals will be nominating their candidate for the upcoming Calgary-Elbow by-election on September 18, 2014. I wonder how many other PC MLAs have done this over the years, had the government pay and never made it public.
1 year later – has the NDP kept their election promises to improve ethics in government?

The CBC story reported that deforestation caused by seismic cutlines and snowmobile traffic has caused irreparable damage to habitat critical to the survival of Alberta’s caribou herds.
Following his announcement last week, the legal and constitutional academic community was unanimous in their belief that it would be unconstitutional and contravene Section 3 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. NDP MLA Deron Bilous has endorsed his caucus colleague Rachel Notley in her bid to become that party’s next leader.
Susan Wright, lawyer and author of the witty Susan On The Soapbox blog  has put her name forward for the nomination.
The twenty-five participating municipalities of the Board are a diverse group with one goal - to make the best decisions possible for the citizens of their communities.  Given that shared goal, the close proximity of the municipalities in the Capital Region, and the interconnections between their populations and economies, the Government of Alberta determined that a regional approach to future growth in the Capital Region was the best way to secure the Region's future. Lukaszuk was on a personal trip, he told the media that he conducted business by downloading large-sized files of legal documents onto his phone. Although the Liberals fared poorly in this constituency in 2012, the party surprised many political watchers by winning the 2007 Calgary-Elbow by-election that replaced former Premier Ralph Klein.

Prentice, a lawyer by trade, now says he would not legislate the term-limits, but implement them as an internal PC Party policy. Bilous, who has represented Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview since 2012, is one of four NDP MLAs in the Alberta Legislature.
Schmidt placed 880 votes behind PC candidate David Dorward, making this a target constituency for the NDP in the next election.  The meeting will feature guest speaker Pat Martin, NDP MP for Winnipeg-Centre. Notley is facing Edmonton-Calder MLA David Eggen and union activist Rod Loyola in the leadership race. The vote to chose the new leader is schedule for October 18, 2014 at Edmonton’s Sutton Place.

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