A lot of people don’t want to show their phone number when making calls, they prefer to keep their number private. Featured Articles - A collection of featured articles that consist of tips and tricks for your phone or tablet. Join us on Facebook and invite your friends to the UK's #1 Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison site. Caller ID displays the phone number of an incoming call on your screen.Calls to another wireless phone number will display the caller's phone number on the recipient's Caller ID. This tutorial will show you how to show your caller ID to everyone, no one (block), or only your contacts in Windows Phone 8 for when you make a phone call.

This can be handy if you do not want your name and phone number to display for the person you are calling. Administrative tools in the Administrative Tools folder in Control Panel help system administrators and advanced users manage system settings, view system information, troubleshoot problems, and more. This tutorial will show you how to hide or show the Sign out option on the Start screen, Alt+F4 Shut Down Windows dialog, and Win+X Power Users menu for all or specific users in Windows 8 and 8.1. A file name extension is a set of characters added to the end of a file name that identifies the file type or format that determines what default program should open it.
The caller's name may also appear if the recipient has the calling party's name listed in their devices address book or contact list.When placing calls to a wireline phone number, your billing name and wireless phone number will be transmitted to the Caller ID unit.

Tap on either the everyone, no one, or my contacts setting for who you want to show your caller ID to.

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