Major Features:* Add a list of contacts on your homescreen or lockscreen* The list of contacts could be starred contacts, one of your contact groups or all contacts* Resizable with default size to be 1 * 1, or 2 *2* Directly dial your contacts without the quick action dialog.
For those who are complaining about the low resolutions, this widget will never try to download the contact photos for you and directly get photos from the system contacts database.
Use emoji samsung galaxy s3 - visihow, Whether you've traded your iphone for an android device, already have a samsung galaxy s3, or just picked up a new galaxy s5, this article is for you..
Samsung galaxy s3: restore logs, sms, mms - youtube, Learn restore logs, sms, mms messages wallpaper samsung galaxy s3.
Hey kids the Sheep need your Help Stormy the Rain Cloud is coming to get your Sheep all wet. Lock Hide Note is a simple notepad app where you can password LOCK HIDE.No one can see the list of notes.

GalleryVault is Designed to provide user with a quick and clear picture browsing experience, and protection of persional albums.
FIRST TRY THE ORIGINAL HIDE APP This app is like Hide App but instead of widget it works with homescreen shortcuts.
Play hide and seek with Peep In this Hide and Peep app, that lovable chick, Peep, and his friends are hiding.
Do you receive many personal SMS and want to hide those from the inbox Hide SMS is easy to use and keeps conversations locked. Hide Contacts List is an free android application for the purpose to protect with password your contacts.
Hide Apps allows to hide your apps from Android OS Features Hide apps from system and launcher Launch hidden apps and automatically re hide after app39;s closing 4 alternative lockers, one can select zero or more locker at a time.

If you have a low resolution pictures in your People app, then there is no chance this widget would find any higher resolution copy for you.
Hide Your Stuff can hide your Images and Videos that no one can see it without your permission.
Designed by a 6 Year Old Super fun for kids age 3 and up.The faster you Tap the Sheep the more Stars you will earn.

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