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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You can currently enjoy Feel At Home in 19 destinations around the world: UK, USA, Austria, Australia, Denmark, France, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, Israel, Macau, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland. Feel At Home lets you take your UK allowance away with you to 19 destinations around the world, to call or text back to the UK or to get online. You can currently enjoy Feel At Home in 19 destinations around the world: USA, Italy, the Republic of Ireland, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, France, Finland, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain.

Calls and texts to numbers outside of the UK, including local numbers in the place you are visiting, arena€™t part of Feel At Home and wona€™t come out of your allowance. Please insert the sim card into your phone and power it on approximately 1 week before travel.
Once youa€™ve bought a top-up voucher, call 444 free from your Three phone or +44 778 233 3333 from landline. Once you receive your sim card, please put it into your phone so the sim card can self activate. Remember that the best way to call home from overseas is with the MRSIM WorldTalk $5 add-on. If you see a picture you wish to have removed and that are subject of copyright infringement, contact administrator.

When you arrive in a Feel At Home destination wea€™ll send you a message to tell you what these charges are.
You'll get a printed voucher, or a voucher by email that looks like a receipt with a 16 digit number printed on it.

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