If you have ever wondered whether it is possible to prevent your number from showing up on the recipient’s phone while making a call from your Verizon Wireless mobile, the answer is: Yes!
You should note that this is not a paid service and so, it will not add anything to your phone bill. Now dial the number you want and once the phone rings, your Per Call Blocking request is completed.
Keep in mind the next call will not use the call-blocking feature, for which you have to dial *67 once again. However, it is hard to imagine why you would want not to reveal your identity to those you make a call! The above method works great for dealing with unwanted text messages from people who you have in your contacts.
When you receive an unsolicited text or advertisement, then you are the unfortunate victim of phone spam. You can create your own list of email addresses you’d like to either whitelist (Allow list) or blacklist. One of the benefits of having Verizon Wireless as your carrier is the ability to block calls and messages without an additional fee.
Tip: By sending help to 9999, you’ll receive a help message from Sprint on how to use assorted shortcodes. If you are jailbroken and don’t mind the investment of $12, there’s been plenty good said about iBlacklist and it’s ability to prevent incoming calls and messages. Armed with two ways to block unwanted SMS and iMessages, iOS 7 or later makes it easy to receive messages only from friends and family.
The GS4 is still 32-bit like all other smartphones, but this is more of an abstract distinction. You know, things like this are probably in Apple’s user agreement, that NOBODY reads. Apple undermines their own reputation with their Fisher Price phones targeted towards fat women. We haven’t been told the truth in so long are we are willing to believe anything that they tell us.
Comparing NFC, bluetooth, and Wi-Fi is like comparing text messages, email, and a Word document.
As a former iPhone 5 owner and now PROUD owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4… You will LOVE THE S4!!!! I was holding off until both phones came out to decide which to buy and unfortunately iphone 5s lose out. Seeing people holding those little kid toy looking iPhones to their head is what looks stupid.
Also I’d like to ask one thing why the fuck is apple touting the 1080p video recording capabilities on the iphone 5 and 5S when the screen ISN’T EVEN 1080p!!!!!!!!!!
I also have Fisher Price toys from 25 years ago when I was a kid that work like new… I fail to see your point.
Unless you’re a middle aged depressed fat women with sores on your face, other phones are a better option. Given that this article was an attempt to compare two specific phones, a few key advantages were missed. Kill yourself you unimaginative ass hat, the word doesn’t need your type of thinking.
Your name or telephone number will not appear on the phone to which you are making the call. However, do note that Verizon keeps a track of all number blocked calls, just in case the authorities need data, with growing security concerns in the country. And with hundreds if not thousands of Gadgets, Apps, Games being launched everyday, there's more than enough out there to keep this hardcore techie occupied and obsessed!

Previous versions of iOS required you contact your carrier or use a third-party application that often required you jailbreak your iPhone. This allows you to send SMS messages using your cellular network or free messages using Apple’s iMessage service, which works over WiFi.
If you have multiple phone numbers, iMessage email accounts, iOS will automatically add them all to your blocked list.
According to AT&T, a large portion of these messages are sent from the Internet to your iPhone, so they are actually sent via an email message. It offers a host of features, but most notably the ability to block incoming, outgoing calls and text messages.
If you’re looking to avoid people from contacting you, you might want to consider learning how to block calls in iOS 8. They also said they wouldn’t try to read it or store our files, so it would be illegal if they did and we could sue. Everything you do on your iPhone is confidential and safe and actually is more safe than the Samsung Galaxy S4.
I hope we start seeing more small accessories using this tech as it eliminates the need for batteries.
But if you don’t mind an enormous phone, I’d recommend maybe waiting for the Note 3 that thing will be a spec MONSTER!!!! But yes, losing out on a large screen just because of what someones thinks of you isn’t stupid at all.
Specifically, the S4 allows for user memory expansion (I was able to add 64GB to my phone for about $40.00) also the battery is removable. I do work in mobile security industry in Silicon Valley and know how shitty Android’s security is. Just remember how shitty your life was before Apple came in, go and use a flip phone and deal with it. I know exactly which parts works together and what to look at when choosing best possible hardware-to-OS combination. Few times I’ve had some ad-wares but those can be erased just as easily as any software. This is usually because these features are not for mass use and may give rise to some security or privacy issues. For whatever reason you may want to do this, Verizon allows you to block your identity for one call at a time.
While using this feature, your number will show up as ‘Restricted’ on the phone to which you are making the call. So, it is advisable not to harass other by blocking your number for calls, because in all probability, you will not get away with it.
It was frustrating for people, who rightly so, expected Apple’s iPhone to handle such an easy request.
Sign into myVerizon and select I want to… “Block Calls and Messages” and enter up to (5) phone numbers.
And all the other cellphones say there way better then iPhone , so why there always talking junk about apple. The memory is a convenience and certainly a cost saving, but the battery being removable can be mission critical for some users. With android it’s really easy to tweak OS to hardware if hardware is great from beginning. But when it comes to making your phone look different it’s acceptable to you that every iPhone user has the exact same looking device inside and out.
Check the ‘Caller ID Blocking’ box and your number will be blocked from showing up on any mobile phone you call.
If you are receiving unwanted texts from ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, telemarketers, having an iPhone often led to frustration.

If you are receiving texts from an individual that you would like to block, there are two ways to block them. It’s intended to be more of a parental control, but these enhanced features will prevent harassing text or phone calls. Android devices outsell Apple, and the company most responsible for driving Android sales forward is Samsung.
And when they say Iphone is catching up, that sounds stupid because they still didn’t give you an IR blaster and no NFC.
Just because 1% of the geek population wants to cram s***hit that nobody cares doesn’t make it less of a phone.
Sure some S4 features are gimmicks but a lot are very useful like high touch sensitivity which allows you to use the S4 with any pair of gloves saving you the $50 that the touchscreen gloves cost. I rather stay with what’s stable in a virtually virus-less phone that is not prone to so much hacker attacks. I’d never give it to my kids so that they are spied more easily and served porn content along with all kinds of malware served by horrible, crappy experience phones.
Things have changed with iOS 7 and it is now incredibly easy to block text messages in iOS 8. This South Korean manufacturer is probably the only phone maker other than Apple that inspires an almost-cult-like following. At the end it boils down to your own needs and preference which is why Apple and Samsung are competing against each other.
I also find the air answering of calls very useful as well for when I am working on an important project and my S4 is next to me and my laptop I can wave my hand over the screen or even simply say answer and my trusty S4 answers my call on speaker so I can continue to work effortlessly. The Galaxy S4 was released to almost universal acclaim earlier this year, and remains the top-selling flagship Android device. Who the hell wants their fingerprints on file with a company that gives backdoor keys to the NSA?
Anyone with an iPhone 5S will be able to unlock the phone automatically just by touching it, and that could be an excellent improvement to the overall user experience.Samsung makes the best overall cameras on an Android device, and the Galaxy S4 set a new standard. This 13MP sensor captures incredible detail, and it even performs well in low light situations. If anyone has any complaints, questions or is confused dont be afraid to post back, write me on facebook or text me at 863-978-7353.
The 1.5µm pixels are larger than previous phones, which allows the iPhone to take in more light. Apple loves to talk about the precise way the components are fitted together and those striking chamfers, but it’s not just talk. That means better low-light images, and faster exposures in good light so you can capture movement better. The GS4 is made of a slippery plastic housing that only gets slipperier the more you handle it. The Galaxy S4 is out in white and black on most carriers, but purple, blue, red, brown, and pink versions are on the way this year.
That would be a serious performance gain, but leaked benchmarks point to a more modest (but still impressive) 31% performance boost.It appears that the A7 is another dual-core chip, but it it utilizes the ARMv8 64-bit instruction set.
Its job is to process accelerometer and gyroscope input while the phone is asleep or doing other things.

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