When ordering the correct parts for your forklift, knowing your forklift’s serial number is very important. For more specific instruction on how to find your forklift’s frame stamp, look below for a collection of Komatsu models and where their serial numbers can be found. When ordering parts for your forklift, having the correct serial number for your forklift is crucial. WR series WP2000, WP2300 WE2000, WS2000, WE2300, WS2300 WB series WAV50 W (HD) series TW3000, TR3000 TW series ST3000, SX3000 SSR series SP3500 SP3500 4-pt SP3400 4-wheel SP3400 3-wheel SP3200 SP3000 SP36, SP42, SP48 SH5500, SHR5500 SC4500 SC4000 SC series RC3000 RC series PR3000 PR series PE PW series PE4500 AC PE4000 PE3000.

To find a serial number for a forklift of a different brand, click here for our other guides. Just find your forklift’s model in the image titles and check out the highlighted section of the image. This useful identifier is the first place you should look for various information about your forklift–its lifting capacity, how much it weighs, its model, and more. This helpful label displays various details about your truck, like its model, its weight, how much it can lift, and more.

Most importantly, this plate also displays the forklift’s serial number (sometimes called the chassis number or the car number). This useful little plaque displays various details about your truck–its model, its weight, how much it can lift, and more.

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