Card Notes I believe when I was first making this card, I was going to use a Dispatch-like ability.
Card Notes Angels in this plane have a special ability that no one else in the Shael shares; they can pass through the Miruna. White was lacking life gain as I designed this card, and I wanted it to interact with battle cry, but not have battle cry itself. Card Notes If there were two cards that I didn't want in this set, it would be this card and Warden of the Ranks. Card Notes A little tidbit of my card gaming history, I flew into Magic on the back of Armored Ascension, Serra Ascendant, and Felidar Sovreign. I fashioned this one in the style of Harbor Serpent, a classic card that's seen many a core set.
Card Notes A very plain card, but it's a great one for MBC decks that love hand disruption.
Card Notes I know this is pretty weak compared to Gravecrawller, but in my opinion, that card is too powerful. Going through the set file, I was trying to figure out the best way to start the next round of previews. This week, I noticed that I really liked a lot of the enchantments in the set, and I think that a lot of them want to see the light of day. That's all we have for the sub-sections of the House of Sylkhet, but there is one more card to reveal. Inlel is the war-god of the Legions of Inlel, who they fight in the name of, waging holy war on any who dare oppose the path of righteousness; he is the embodiment of justice, of conflict, of light, and of blood.
The Legions of Inlel utilize the strength of their surety, the fire of their faith, the power of their piety, to galvanize each and every spell and strike. When the Legions of the Inlel wade into war to honor their cause, to venerate their god, the words you shall hear roared are the Creed of Inlel, shouted by thousands upon thousands of men, impassioned with the breath of fire.
Out in the middle of the Shael, a group of nomads called the Arav roam the dunes, wandering from place to place seemingly aimlessly. The five sorcerers gathered around the ornate coffin that was lying on a raised slab of stone. The official whitepages - find people free, Whitepages leading provider contact information people businesses search people, businesses, reverse phone, address search..
They act as the care-takers of the Shael desert, overseeing any and all activity that goes on, and reporting it to the outside world. At first, I was going to take a page out of Anuttymous's book and just do my favorites from each color. They spend their lives sharpening their skills on the battlefield, pledging their life to fighting for the Legions, pledging their soul to their great war-god Inlel.
The Legions of Inlel are gifted with the ability to inspire passion and fervor in others, to amplify the will and determination of others to awe-inspiring levels.

Faith is a force that sets your heart alight -- a blaze unquenchable, a flame forever abright.
The will of Inlel is channeled and ordained through only his most faithful -- the legates of the Legion, chosen through the divine sanction of Inlel himself, placed into power as leaders of the holy people of Inlel. The imperator of the Legion, his soul burns with divine fire, his very presence inspiring the men to victory. His work is available on Deviant Art and let me say that there are some great pieces in his gallery. It's a Saturday and will be a bit more convenient for me to get the preview written and posted. As is tradition, he will be embalmed, just as his ancestors had been, and buried near the forgotten city of Oza. They want to know what you know, what you want to know, and how you're going to use that information.
The Legions of Inlel channel their faith and fury into each attack, the zeal of the army rushing into them, granting them power and strength that could only be called divine. Shukar is the Warheart Legate, the commander of the armies of the Legion, the embodiment of fury and divine wrath.
Empowered with strength beyond mortal comprehension, the Legions know him blessed and chosen by Inlel himself.
As soon as you're spotted, a sandstorm will appear and start whirling about the group.
As you can tell, it's name is particularly clever, being a mix of both the keyword Storm and the fact that it deals with Deserts. The nomads wore mostly head wraps and other cheap cloth gear, but one among them was different. It stayed like that for a while until I came back around to try and get more Desert interaction within the set. I had an idea of something that counteracted the Mirage drawback, but had to find a way to implement it.
Their theory is that everything is better the second time, albeit a little bit worn *hint hint*.
Inkarsa is the Warpriest Legate, the hierophant of the hierarchy of Inlel, the embodiment of faith and divine judgment. After a short period of time in which you are covering your face and eyes from the gusting winds and stinging grains of sand, the storm will cease.
While you try to get over your amazement at how clever I am at naming things, please look over some more cards with Sandstorm!
This angel happened to have found a place among their ranks, and a very respectful one at that.
These two cards hold so much flavor in a war-like set between the Angel-y good side and the undead bad side.

The ability used to cost , but I went ahead and bumped it to , thinking that it was a little strong like that. Couldn't find any good shapeshifter art on Deviant Art, so I went to the Unused folder, and found this one. Flash on a red card is out of the box, but there are a few red with flash that have come before it (most being Auras). But never (except for that one Night in Arabia) have we been to the harshest climate of all, a desert.
And how can you go to such world without bringing back one of the most memorable land-subtypes in Magic history: Desert. When he was closer, one of the women of the group spotted him and called out to the others. So if you would be interested in playing, just reply with a yes or no and when would be the best for you. Overseeing the excavation was a woman dressed in black, a foolish choice for a day in the hot sun. The wind picked up around the group, each gust carrying grains of sand that bit into the hooded man's face. A faint orange light appears at the head of the sarcophagus and begins inching its way down. Her skin stood in stark contrast with her hair, the former being ghostly pale; the latter a deep, daunting black. In unison, he shut down the exact part of the mind that was responsible for summoning the sandstorm. The sarcophagus begins to shake slightly, as if its inhabitant was waking from a slumber only to find himself trapped. I had heard the elders tell stories of powerful mages that could shift between worlds and obliterate armies.
A bonechilling yell sounded from the casket as the being inside gave a last effort to break free. The aura reached the bottom of the sarchophagus, and, with a flash of bright white light, it vanished.
The sorcerers also stopped their chanting and headed for the ladder at the opposite end of the chamber. With one word of power, a mage lifted a pile of sand and stone from a nearby pile and deposited it onto the open hole where they exited.

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