MalaysianWireless All latest updates on Telcos, Mobile, Internet Broadband, smartphones and applications. There Celcom First postpaid plans with iPhone are similar to the ones introduced last year.
MalaysianWireless heard that Celcom will also be offering a RM600 rebate to lucky customers in queue at the midnight launch of the Celcom iPhone 6 at Blue Cube, Sunway Pyramid on 5 November 11.59pm.
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Celcom will be available at Blue Cube outlets nationwide starting 10am on 6 November 2014. If you’re using Celcom wireless broadband, you should be well-aware of the 5GB data usage limit based on its fair usage policy.
You can then view your used volume in GB and of course other info such as allocated volume, throttled speed, date and usage. Currently, Celcom offers additional volume purchase at the rate of RM5 RM15 for 1GB or RM20 RM50 for 5GB.

The latest rate for purchase of additional data volume is RM15 for 1GB and RM50.00 for 5GB.
Cara paling senang, hantar SMS melalui Celcom Broadband Manager (pergi ke TEXT, lepas tu hantar BROADBAND VOL ke 22188. About This BlogThis blog is owned by Kee Man and he shares reviews and tips on various gadgets in a different manner. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available in Malaysia through our local 3 big telcos this Thursday on 6th November.
For more information, you can check out Celcom’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus product pages.
Why the total payment upon registration shows there is RM2348 (RM2098 + RM250 upfront) and not RM1848.00 (RM1598 + RM250 upfront)?
Why cant the Telco companies make the phone more affordable by just charging discounted phone price?

This feature comes is rather good as you can monitor your usage and help you decide whether you need to buy extra volume.
Your first bill will exceed the actual pricing of your package depending on the pro-rate (calculation from the day of activation to your actual bill cycle date). Finally Celcom has revealed its plan offering and you’ll have a choice of either 12 months or 24 months contract duration.
Apart from checking your bill, Celcom has actually include the section to check the status of your data usage. For your info, Celcom billing cycle is on 13th day of every month, meaning the data volume would be resetted on the 13th day.

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