The majority of serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet. Most manufacturers stamp an individual serial number into each bicycle before it leaves the factory. The University of Houston Police Department encourages you to take a few simple steps that may protect you from becoming the victim of bicycle theft.
If you own a bicycle that is not registered in this program, you are encouraged to bring your bicycle and personal identifying information to UHPD located at 4051 Wheeler Houston, Tx. If your bike will be brought onto the campus, register your bike with us even if your bicycle is registered with another program or law enforcement agency. Owner and bicycle information will be recorded and maintained in a computer database for future use if it is needed in the event of a theft. Registration may provide the only means of returning a stolen bicycle once it is recovered by police. Registration decals will be issued to the owner upon completion of the walk-in registration.
Owners must have their bike available to verify the serial number and other identifiers. If you are new to the campus or haven't yet brought your bike onto the campus, you can pre-register your bike! All students, faculty, and staff may use online registration, 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, year-round, if it's the most convenient way for you to get your bike registered.
A prime decal location is on the top side of top-tube, BENEATH THE SEAT (to avoid wear and weathering and make removal difficult). Here’s a quick overview article about frame welding that I picked up off the Miller website and turned into a PDF for easy download.

MIXTE From the French word meaning "mixed" or "unisex" the mixte has been ridden by men and women across Europe for more than 100 years. DIAMOND The classic double diamond frame geometry has been the standard for city bikes, touring bikes, and even racing bikes dating back to the late 19th century. Have you ever paced up and down a rack of bicycles trying to remember where you locked yours up at?
View our latest offers, exclusive to online customers, today.Bikes, Bike Reviews, Cycling Routes, Race News - BikeRadarBike reviews, bike gear, parts and accessories, over 30,000 cycling routes, news and race results. Serial number and specific descriptive information is crucial if police are to identify recovered bicycles and locate rightful owners. Registration takes only minutes to complete, however registration along with adequate locking mechanisms significantly decrease the likelihood your bicycle will be stolen.
A reflective numbered registration sticker will be provided to be affixed to your bicycle frame to make identification by police easier. With the recorded information police can make police departments nationwide aware that a particular bicycle is stolen. This places it in a common location easily spotted by law enforcement and potential thieves. Fastest Electric Bike – Are you on a budget and still looking for the fastest electric bike that you can afford. We have many of the same frame styles listed below, all with electric motors that make your ride even faster and easier.
This traditional design is available in the widest range of styles: including the PUBLIC D and PUBLIC V, and PUBLIC R series. If you're mainly riding on flat roads and don't plan to do any steep hill climbing, you might consider our single-speed PUBLIC C1 or PUBLIC V1.

The Acousto Optical Lock is a steel ripe style cable lock that sends out an audio signal and lights up when you press a key fob. If there is no serial number there then check places like the headset at the front of the bike or the rear stays. In recent years, more than 75% of owners who reported their bicycles stolen to UHPD did not know the serial number stamped into the frame of their bicycle. When a registered bike is sold, the new owner can bring a bill of sale to UHPD to transfer the registration. If your rides require any steep hill climbing, most of our PUBLIC bikes feature multi-gears with a range suitable to tackle even San Francisco hills.
To meet the taste of just about everyone, our bikes come in a range of colors from fashion statements to neutrals to classic black. If you need a bike for the city and longer recreational rides we recommend our PUBLIC R ROAD BIKES. PUBLIC bikes were designed to conquer the hills of San Francisco so we feel confident they will work on any urban terrain. The derailleur gearing, which requires you to shift gears while pedaling, is most common in the bikes we learned to ride on.

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