Just by their basic operation, cell phones have to emit a small amount of electromagnetic radiation. There's a lot of talk in the news these days about whether or not cell phones emit enough radiation to cause adverse health effects. Did you know that the cell phone you use every single day emits the exact same type of radiation as a microwave oven? You wouldn’t let yourself stand in front of a microwave oven, so why are you OK with placing that same type of radiation directly against your head on a daily basis? Today we know that these substances are not safe for human use and have even been proven to be lethal in some instances! What if you could reduce your exposure instantly with a technology that’s inexpensive and easy to use? As a future-thinking health technology company, LifeWave has propelled itself to the forefront of this critical problem by developing an innovation that’s the first of its kind! Matrix 2 is proprietary to LifeWave and is SO effective that laboratory testing has shown up to a 98%* reduction in cell phone radiation!
Matrix 2 technology is radically different than any other radiation shield product on the market today, most importantly, because it’s been tested to be effective by an independent laboratory! Matrix 2 technology takes an entirely new approach and re-radiates the microwave radiation emitted from the phone via Matrix 2’s special antenna design. For more information or to purchase the Matrix, please CONTACT us and a Patch Training Team consultant will contact you. As more cell phone towers go up across the country, and more people start using cell phones, more cell phone users are questioning whether or not they need to use a cell phone anti-radiation shield.
If you search hard enough, you'll be able to locate legitimate scientific studies that indicate there may be a cancer risk from the radio wave radiation that's emitted from your cell phone. Unfortunately, the current state of cell phone radiation research is similar to the early days of tobacco research. When you examine the studies that exist on both sides of the debate, it can feel overwhelming.
In February of 2008, a research study was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. A 2004 research study conducted by a research team in Stockholm, Sweden reported in the Epidemiology Journal that using a cell phone for over ten years quadrupled the risk of developing a rare tumor called acoustic neuromas.

In June of 2008, a Japanese study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, considered how mobile phone radiation levels affected different parts of the brain. In 2006, a study from Denmark, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, followed 420,000 cell phone users and compared their records to the Danish Cancer Registry. Lately, more news has surfaced regarding the potential damaging health effects of extensive cell phone use. In one disturbing story from 2003, scientist George Carlo, previously a researcher hired by the cell phone industry to study health effects of cell phone usage, decided to blow the whistle on the industry and reported that when his studies found genetic damage in risks of cancer, the cellular companies cut off funding. If you are concerned about the possible health effects of radio wave radiation emitted by your cell phone, your options are simple and cheap. If you prefer clipping your cell phone to your pants pocket, consider buying some phone-radiation EMF blocking underwear from Swedish underwear maker, Isa Bodywear.
A few years ago, the science regarding links between cell phone radiation and various health ailments was a very emergent science.
If you've read How Cell Phones Work, then you know that cell phones emit signals via radio waves, which are comprised of radio-frequency (RF) energy, a form of electromagnetic radiation. The concern is that cell phones are often placed close to or against the head during use, which puts the radiation in direct contact with the tissue in the head. You'll find out how cell phones generate radiation and how they are tested for radiation levels. That same radiation cooking your food is continually directed at one of the most sensitive areas of your body: your brain. While certain governments have maintained cell phone microwave energy is safe, reports from the World Health Organization and some independent scientists from around the world have indicated that cell phones may not be as safe as we once thought. In fact, many of these substances and chemicals have been banned by governments across the world.
In our Laboratories, LifeWave tested numerous other radiation shields available and discovered that those products did not work as advertised. On the other hand, you'll be able to find just as many studies that prove there's no danger from the levels of radiation coming from your phone. It seems like every year there are new studies that find harmful health effects of cell phone radiation, as well as studies that show no health effects whatsoever. The study, conducted at Tel Aviv University, examined 500 Israelis who had developed salivary gland cancer and compared their level of mobile phone usage to 1,300 healthy adults.

After studying the mobile phone use of 322 brain cancer patients and 683 healthy adults, the study concluded that using a mobile phone "regularly" did not increase the risk of brain cancer.
The study found that there's no increased risk of suffering from cancer by using a cell phone.
Are cell phones causing (or not causing) the damage or is it a third factor that has been left unaccounted for? Ronald Herbermann, the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, advised his 3,000 faculty and staff to keep the cell phone away from the head by using a headset and to keep children from using cell phones except in emergencies.
Electromagnetic Absorption in the Human Head and Neck for Mobile Telephones at 835 and 1900 MHz.
If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, just return Matrix 2 to us within 30 days to receive a full refund.
Department of Justice finally filed a racketeering lawsuit against the major tobacco companies for engaging in a "50 year scheme" to counteract any scientific evidence that showed that cigarettes are harmful to a person's health. The researchers discovered that within the entire group, those who used their cell phone for a few hours a day had 50 percent higher odds of developing a salivary gland tumor. However, the fact that so many new studies are discovering effects that cell phone radiation can have on human biology, it makes sense to play it safe.
Sar Shield offers a useful radiation chart for cell phones that provides an accurate "Sar rating" for every cell phone model.
Are cell phone companies funding and promoting research that "proves" no link from cell phone radio radiation in an effort to discredit those studies that are uncovering problems? It's important to realize that at these low radiation levels, if you keep the cell phone away from your head and body, you are perfectly safe. But if it turns out there really are serious health issues related to cell phone radiation, then by protecting yourself early, you can protect your health and potentially save your life by getting a cell phone anti-radiation shield.
However, if you'd rather not use a headset, then there are plenty of resources to obtain a radiation shield for your phone.

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