How find imei meid samsung galaxy s3, How find imei meid samsung galaxy s3 check ur imei unlock samsung galaxy s3 find imei number samsung galaxy.
How find imei galaxy s3 androidwidgetcenter., How find imei galaxy s3 android phones nexus 4 setting andimei unique number . Before you purchased your smartphone or tablet, the device had already embarked on quite a long journey. Step 1: Install Phone Info SamsungNguyen's app is called Phone Info Samsung, and it's available for free on the Google Play Store. Step 2: View Information About Your DeviceThe app has a very simple interface—it basically just displays all of the information that it can glean from your device. Hi Dallas, thanks for putting us onto this app it's interesting to note some but not all is different being in different countries. No Doubt one of the most successful flagship device for Samsung was the Galaxy S4 and topped the sales charts until Samsung comes up with the Galaxy S5. The issue first prompt on devices being used in most African states but later the Invalid IMEI problems prevails all the features that this smartphone had.
But first of all you have to make sure to have all these tools available to start the process. 1- First of all make sure to completely back up your device, Keep your data to a safe location, so as to avoid any data loss.

3- Make sure that your device is 75% charged at least to avoid it from going down in between the IMEI fixing process. Step 1- First of all To fix invalid IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S4, You have to download download ODIN V3.09zip on your computer from the link and extract it on your desktop. Step 2- Now  download Samsung Galaxy S4 IEMI null fix zip from the  link and extract it on your computer. Step 3- Now  open the ODIN v3.09 you have just downloaded, and then select the PDA option that you will get in the right hand side. Here you go you would successfully solved the Invalid IMEI issue on your Samsung Galaxy S4. From product development to manufacturing, your Samsung Galaxy device had already developed a rich history prior to your ownership.If you've ever wondered exactly where and when your Galaxy device was manufactured, developer vndnguyen has the perfect app for you.
At the top of this list, you'll find the "General Info" section, which includes entries for your device's country of origin and manufacturing date, as well as the status of your phone or tablet's Knox counter.
The counters on charging and the ear plugins amuse me never did I think of counting how many times I have plugged it in 751 times (wondering what I have done with the rest of my life).
But beside all the hype of some new features found in this Samsung smartphone with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat update rolling out, The Galaxy S4 showed some serious issues as some complains chocked up the Samsung Call centers across the globe. Choose the .TAR file that you got after extracting the Samsung Galaxy S4 IEMI null fix zip file.

Wait for ODIN to complete the installation and then disconnect the phone from the computer.
If you are facing any Problem regarding this method you can comment below, we will love to sort it for you.
In addition to this information, the app will also provide detailed stats on your CSC and firmware version, so you'll know more about your Galaxy device than ever before.
If you have the same Galaxy S4 effected with the Invalid IMEI issue, All you have to do is follow the steps given below and regain the official IMEI number for your device. This information will be useful if you ever need to revert to the factory firmware on your device. Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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