DO NOT INTERRUPT THE UPGRADE PROCESS UNTIL THE STATUS MESSAGE BECOMES "FILE UPLOADED" OTHERWISE THE CONTROLLER MAY BE DAMAGED ! If you downgrade the firmware (upgrade it with lower version), then it may be necessary to load the default settings. Weipa, It's not a very exotic name but the largest town on the very tip of Queensland has some of the very best aspects of an exotic destination.
To start with there is the distance that it lies from the major population centres in Queensland, in fact it is closer to Port Moresby than it is to Cairns. My interest in Weipa stems from the fantastic fishing that can be had in the waters surrounding the township. Access to Weipa is either via the long drive up the Peninsula Development Road, usually only accessible during the dry season, or you can try to find a berth on one of the boats that supply Weipa or you can take advantage of the two flights per day from Cairns that Qantaslink provides. Accommodation options are limited, The Heritage Resort, The local camp ground or the Albatross Hotel. On the subject of fishing we utilised the services of Lee Hodgetts from Weipa Sports Fishing,  Lee has recognised the potential of Weipa as one of Australia's premier sports fishing destinations and invested in two state of the art fishing boats.
If wildlife of a less aquatic nature takes your fancy, the opportunity to sight a huge number of bird species as well as some very large Saltwater Crocodiles can be taken with very little travel.

Weipa has a challenging golf course (the rumour about the croc in the water hazard may or may not be true) next door the bowls club has all the facilities that you would expect.
Weipa is a destination that whets the Anglers appetite but has a history and raw character that will appeal to many who want to explore the wild north. For many people, their tent  is the single largest expenditure made when getting set up to go camping.
The Oztrail Blitz tent range is now in its 2nd year of production and what a beauty it is! On Monday this week the all new WAECO CFX portable camping fridges hit the shelves of Tentworld - The Camping Experts. If you would like to upgrade your DAEnetIP3 firmware, please contact with us and we will send instructions.
If your PC does not have any JVM installed, you need to click "Yes" and follow the steps that JVM installation window will guide throug.
The maximum retries to connect with the DAEnetIPx controller when the connection is lost during firmware upgrade. It is recommend to download an use the firmware from this link before upgrade the DAEnetIPx controller.

After successful connection under this button it must appears text with the DAEnetIP1 version. After successful connection under this button it must appears text with the DAEnetIP2 version.
If it is made downgrade (the new ver is greather than the old version) then restoring default settings is required. If this not happens it means the connection is not successful and you must repeat again steps 3-6.
Nothing will be wrong, just will take several more minutes to update your JVM to the latest version.

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