Unlike some of the others on this list, the Device Locator app doesn’t require a monthly subscription. A web-based service that attempts to trick thieves into sending location data about your phone to its servers. IHound not only helps locate iPhones that have been lost of stolen, but it also lets you track the location of kids, spouses, etc. This service requires a jailbroken iPhone and getting the app through Cydia, meaning that not all users may be comfortable doing what’s needed to use it.
This official app from Apple uses the company’s iCloud service to locate your lost phone. This subscription-based service can track stolen or lost iPhones, BlackBerrys, Anroid phones, and Windows Mobile phones. Another GPS-tracking app that checks in on your phone’s position regularly and reports it to a web-based account.
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From kinetic sculpture to light sculpture to classic marble statues, these works of art are some of the most creative and witty pieces I’ve ever seen. These extreme humans live by the motto–‘our situational awareness and personal safety comes second to getting a great selfie shot. Prey Anti-Theft is a free Android apps to help you find the lost or stolen phone and even android tablets. This alarm sounding based android apps works as soon as phone is moved and hence, helps to prevent the phone from getting stolen. When you lose your phone some where nearby and if the ringer was in off state then it becomes impossible to find and locate the lost phone.
To be very honest I don’t have an android yet, but this bit of information is surely wonderful for anyone owning one.
I used Apple’s Find My iPhone feature to track it to a house in suburban Maryland, and the local police were able to return it to me.
Instead, this US$4.99 app lets you log into a web-based account to track the location of a phone, cause it to make noise, lock the phone to prevent access by a thief, and more.
With that information, you can log into a web console to locate your iPhone by GPS, map, IP address, and more. You can also remotely lock the phone and set a passcode on it, or even remotely delete its data – two nice security features.
Mobile Spy features include a web-based account to log incoming calls and texts, locate via GPS, record newly added contacts, track emails, and more. Because professional networks lead to more job and business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge, improved capacity to innovate, faster advancement, and greater status and authority. People donate to Repeat Roses, who picks up the flowers, repurposes them, and drops them off at hospices, hospitals and nursing homes, where they conjure needed smiles on patients’ faces.
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They were created by a wonderful photographer, Beth Moon, and they appear in her book “Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time”. When you can spend so much money in buying your favourite Android mobile phone, why not to spend some time and even a bit of money in making it more secure. The apps can be activated using a pre-configured SMS of your choice and help you to trace it by reporting its location.
You can even change the alarm tone to make it sound a very unique to make it easily identifiable from other sounds.
This android apps works basically to prevent the theft or even a touch by any stranger or friend trying to play tricks. It has the provision to not only remotely lock the device but also to wipe all the phone’s data just by sending a SMS. WheresMyDroid apps comes to your rescue just in such cases and you can remotely switch on the ringer by sending a custom word by SMS. Some of these applications are to prevent the theft of the Android Mobile phones and tablets whereas others are useful in helping to find and recover the already lost or stolen phone. I guess these are wonderful applications to find your lost phones and would help a lot of people.

Because I’d tweeted about these developments, the quest for the phone became, much to my surprise, an Internet-wide, minute-by-minute real-life thriller.
Whether your phone was just lost or has been stolen, these apps and tips can help you recover it and save yourself from having to buy a new phone.
While the company charges for its service on other platforms, as of this writing  it is free on the iPhone.
Additionally, it can spur actions based on GPS location, such as emailing a grocery list when you get to the store.
It’s free and requires access to another iOS device or a web-connected computer when yours is lost.
But now she's walking with the help of a Great Dane who has become her best friend and constant companion. Well, there are now plenty of Android apps available that can help you to find and trace the lost or stolen android phone.
Other features include loud alarm, user alert, SIM change detection and GPS+WiFi geo-location.
The application works by silently capturing the photos of the criminal, thief who tries to use the device after stealing it. The application once installed and activated has the capability to recognise and distinguish your (owner’s) touch. You just need to have your Android inside your bag and it will alert the theft as soon as some stranger tries to pick it up. It has additional features which are similar to other applications – remotely wipe data, alert in case SIM is changed, sending the GPS location of the phone etc. As of this writing  the website of the developer is offline, which would lead me to pretty strongly consider not buying the app. Some of these can even help you prevent losing your android phone or some one else stealing it. The photo is captured via the front facing camera whenever he tries to enter screen lock incorrectly. As soon as some one else tries to touch the device, phone alert system gets activated and notifies you. You can even get to see the last calls made, thief’s phone number, IMEI and network operator name. It can – display the location of the phone on a map, remotely delete or wipe phone’s data and even lock the device. Some of them though may have their paid version as well available with some additional features. Here are the top 10 best android apps which can help you either prevent the phone from getting stolen or find the lost or stolen android phone. After photo has been captured, it acquires the location of the device and sends it with time stamped picture to your email or Facebook. There are as many as 19 different sounds that you can make use of for the phone alarm alert. Do carefully check the Android OS version requirement before downloading and installing these Android Apps to prevent theft (anti-theft) and find the lost or stolen mobile phones. There is a friendly mode available too which allows to provide access to the device after some wrong attempts while sending the location of the device as well in the background.

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