In typical Apple fashion, they have set up a web page to assist current iPhone 5 owners with determining if their phone is eligible for replacement, and if so, exactly where and when you can take or ship your iPhone 5 for repairs. Right now the program is only available in the US and Canada, but will be expanding to cover additional countries as of May 2. To determine if your phone qualifies for this program, find your iPhone serial number and be prepared to enter it on Apple’s support page. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market.

You have got a issue with your pc, you telephone their tech assistance group crew and the person on the other aspect needs the machine’s sequential number (also known as the Services Tag) before he can even log your demand.
If you using a laptop or computer, you will find the services tag by transforming it benefit but for personal computers, especially the old versions, the tag that supports the services tag is often placed at a more harder-to-reach location. Unique alternate way to find the pc’s sequential number without you having to move within the table.
The above requires should work on Windows 7, XP and Windows XP Pro machine as wmic.exe didn’t ship with the previous models of Windows.
Let your entire iPhone data load up and click on the iPhone icon on the left-hand side pane.

He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. A  You can either bring your iPhone in for repair to an APple Repair Center, or mail it in, which may take 4-6 from the time your phone is received, until it is returned to you.

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