MusicMusicSee all Boosie Explains Why Birdman, Lil Wayne, & Master P Left Louisiana Chance The Rapper Ft. They say a woman knows if your her type within the first couple of seconds of seeing you, from that point it’s up to a man to ruin her thoughts of you by saying something dumb. Exactly…i mean i get chicks numbers all the time, but when i see these guys and simple pick up its so much different in an urban enviornment. We've all been there -- you wish a trap door would open and drop you anywhere but there, or a helo extraction to happen at that very moment to whisk you away. It's boring, it's awkward, her dad is always going to hate you, and her mom is constantly judging you. Talk about "Needs Improvement." Please, this whole idea "Needs Improvement." Why do we have to do this and talk about why I hate this job?

You don't want to be the first one to leave, but at the same time, all you want to do is get home, change into your sweats, and sleep harder than you've slept all year.
It could be animals or wood, sports teams or politics, the fact is iPhone cases have moved from functional to reflecting a very personal style.
If you have any other great case manufacturers to recommend share with everyone in comments! How many times have you seen a white guy with tattered jeans (from wear and tear not because he brought them), dogged sneaks, walmart shirt & walking with a bad white chick. Girls are easier to approach at school and your also dealing with youngins 17-23 who think this shit is cute.
Don't you just wish you could vanish and come back when she's hungry enough to make a decision?

I'm familiar with the safety features of the aircraft, I can't afford anything in the catalog, and you cannot seriously believe the plane will crash if I'm listening to music. We've rounded up some more off-beat (and a few mainstream) case makers for you to sink your teeth into.
So I definitely can’t see many black chicks giving up a number without some kinda convo.
A beautiful black or hispanic girl will get approached by black guys at least 3 times walking down the street.

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