MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. Box SVP Sam Schillace shares how he quickly and cheaply experimented on an app no one wanted—that became the basis for Google Docs.
In 2005, along with colleagues Steve Newman and Claudia Carpenter, Sam Schillace created a browser-based word processor called Writely. Schillace believed in the idea and wanted to experiment—but says the key to convincing his colleagues was to get the prototype up and running in a matter of days at almost no cost. To do this with Writely, Schillace says he used pieces of other projects in progress, as opposed to building the idea from scratch.
Schillace has carried this philosophy to Box, which has regular hack events to quickly activate new ideas that may suck. Schillace says that even at companies focused on innovation, it's hard to convince others of the value of truly new things. But before you give even a few days or dollars to a dubious idea, says Schillace, there are other things to look out for.

Anyway, I put together a crash course in YA lit, looked at top authors in different NYPL branches, and made the case for failure.
But that day also provided me the opportunity to talk to a couple of Darien librarians to find out what their secret is. One of the things I did at Annual this year was lead a table talk at the Maintaining Teen E-Collections session where we discussed the difficulties in keeping up with what’s going on in the ebook world and good resources to follow to stay current. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. A Silicon Valley darling, it was eventually acquired by Google and became the basis for Google Docs.
Anyway, with all the PLA goodness in my Twitter feed, I’ve found myself thinking about ALA conference logos. Joining an already-established group and handing off an ongoing project to someone new has had me thinking about onboarding, organizational memory, and succession planning among librarians. I know when a program has gone well, if the collection is in good shape, if a reference transaction went well, or if I’m developing relationships with my patrons and making a difference in their lives.

Now the SVP of engineering at Box, a cloud storage and file sharing service, Schillace says that despite today's ubiquity of cloud-based computing, Writely was at first considered a bad idea and a waste of time.
And when you're challenged like that, you have a choice either to accept the challenge, meaning that you are in some way wrong, or reject it, which is saying that the thing itself is wrong. There have been a few over the years that I found especially appealing, and since I’m having a hard time writing about work but want to be blogging again, I thought exploring past logos might be a fun, quick way to get back in the habit of posting.
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