At WWDC 2015 Apple unveiled a ton of new software features and enhancements for its Macs, Apple Watch, and the brand new Apple Music service. Apple has now released iOS 9.2, the second biggish update to its 2015 platform overhaul, iOS 9. Apple has announced it has sold more than 13 million new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, a new record, just three days after launch. For example, in Messages you can force touch on a message to “peek” into it without needing to navigate into the thread.
The 3DTouch display also allows you to jump to sections of a specific app right from the home screen. One of the biggest things we’re excited about, however, are the developments Apple is making in its war against poor battery life. Yeah, Apple’s Maps app got off to a horrible start because of a piss poor POI (point of interest) database when the service was unveiled a few years ago. Apple says Siri features an all-new design, contextual reminders based on time and location, and new ways to search photos and videos.
Apple Pay finally came to the UK this July, But beyond that, Apple Pay in iOS 9 is set to get even better with loyalty card support, more retailers, and the Passbook app is renamed Wallet to reflect the fact that Apple wants to kill the traditional physical wallet and replace it with an all-digital one. Spotlight gets a big overhaul in iOS 9, but one of the coolest features about it is its ability to search in apps. The Health app in iOS 9 gets improvements in the form of the ability to track reproductive health.
So if your carrier supports Wi-Fi calling you’ll be able to make and receive texts and calls on your Mac even if your iPhone is in a completely different location. If you use Bluetooth keyboards with you iPad you’ll be glad to know they are gaining a tong of key combo enhancements including Command-Tab switching of apps (like on OS X) and now dev will be able to build in support for shortcut keys like Command, Option, and Control. It's easy to turn your iPhone into a Wifi hotspot, but you should check with your mobile phone carrier first (check the terms and conditions online). Tap Wi-Fi Password and enter a suitable password (this can be any password you choose, it’s not related to your Apple ID or usual Wi-Fi connection). Now check the name of the hotspot listed under To Connect Using Wi-Fi (we get "iPhone 5s"). Click AirPort in the Menu bar of your Mac and choose the Wi-Fi hotspot (iPhone 5s in our case). If you haven't got the AirPort icon in the Menu bar of your Mac, open System Preferences, click Wifi and choose the iPhone Hotspot from the Network Name. Taking photos is one of the most common things we do with our iPhones and Apple knows as we take more and more the ability to navigate them all quickly and easily becomes increasingly important. Another hand feature in Photo is now you can favorite individual photos and they'll automatically be added to a new "Favorites" album.
Continuity allows your Mac and iOS device to immediately know they are near one another with zero configuration on your part.
If your iPhone is plugged in by your nightstand upstairs, but you’re at your iMac in your home office, and you mom calls from her home landline (eg: not a VOIP call), you don’t need to run to answer your phone.
And just as you can now make and receive calls from your Mac, you can also now make and receive texts –– non-iMessage texts (even from Android users!) –– right on your Mac. This feature of Continuity is called SMS Relay. Thanksfully, according to a report from MacRumors, the iOS 8.2 update will address several of these bugs. If you own a compatible Apple device you should be getting a push notification very shortly to let you know the update is ready to be downloaded.
At launch Apple said iOS 9 was all about stability, focussing on what features Apple has previously established, adding in a few more for the iPhone 6s, and really drilling down on performance, efficiency and power management. All three feature a raft of new features such as 3D Touch, split screen multitasking and a bunch more besides. It’s not quite as dull as it sounds, as there are plenty of new features to get excited about. You can then press a bit harder if you like what you see and “pop” into that thread automatically.
For example, you can force touch the Phone app to get a popup menu that shows you favorite contacts.
The iPhone 6 Plus has an exceptional battery life, so good in fact it is difficult to switch to another phone for very long –– you just miss it too much. Thanks to ambient light and proximity sensors, your iPhone knows if it’s facedown on the table and prevents the screen from turning on, even when you receive a notification. This is a system-wide feature that allows your iOS device to learn your habits and provide recommendations to you based on place, time of day, and activity. Search queries deliver more relevant results from more categories, including sports scores and schedules, simple math calculations, weather conditions and stock prices.
There’s a new QuickType keyboard that allows you to use the keyboard as a trackpad by placing two fingers on it and moving them around.

It would be great if Apple added this option to other pre-install apps like Podcast or iBooks.
For example, Spotlight a recipe for “candied yams” and if you have a recipe app like Epicurious installed, Spotlight will show you the result from that app. Reproductive health tracking in iOS 9’s Health app includes menstruation, spotting, ovulation, sexual activity, cervical mucus, and basal body temperature.
Everyone complained that it was hard to tell when the shift key was enabled and when it wasn’t just by looking at the key.
Continuity is the feature first introduced in iOS 8 that allows your iPhone to push text messages and phone calls to your Mac over a Wi-Fi network.
This greatly strengthens your passcode security as a thief would need to guess it out of 999,999 combinations. Some networks do not want you to turn the iPhone into a Wifi hotspot, and they may charge you extra (or limit your internet if they spot you setting up a hotspot). You should now be able to browse the internet on your Mac (or Wifi iPad) using the connection provided by your iPhone. While you're here, you should place a tick in the setting marked "Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar"; this will enable you to access Wifi settings from the Mac's menu bar. It's easy to forget, when accessing the web over a device that's normally limited to Wifi connections, that you're working against a 3G data limit. They are now more refined and powerful, and if you have a newer iPhone you'll really notice the speed at which edits can be applied. Inexplicably Apple decided to lose the much-loved Camera Roll section of the Photos app and they replaced it with a section called “Recently Added”. The problem is--and the reason it gets so little mention here--is that it's only available in the US for now.
Indeed, previously opening up a document that was stored in iCloud would often times create a new, separate copy of that document instead of opening the original, but all this has changed with iCloud Drive.
You need to launch an app that supports iCloud Drive integration in order to browse through your files. This allows me to finally get all those green text (non-iMessage) messages in the Messages app on my Mac. I frequently see sync errors in my Notes app: some notes are duplicated three or four times with various versions. But there are far more, smaller features that don’t necessarily have as big a “wow” factor, yet when taken as a whole make this iOS the best yet. Siri also has Shazam music identification capabilities built in, so you could say, “Hey Siri, what’s this song?” and she’ll tell you. As is often the case with such things, the rollout will likely hit in stages region-by-region, so if it doesn't come up straight away don't fret, just keep an eye on things for the next day or so.
As it has been every year since the original iPhone’s debut, a large part of this year’s keynote involved showing off the major new features of iOS 9. For the rest of us, the update is more about refining what’s already in place and tightening up loose ends. That means your iPhone 6s will be able to tell how hard you're pressing it and respond with new actions based on the strength of your touch. Simply touch their name and the call will be made without needing to open the Phone app at all. However, Apple isn’t done yet –– and the latest development will bring even BIGGER improvements to battery life across the board. And the new Low Power mode lets you extend your battery life even further,” noted Apple at WWDC 2015. The way this works is while using an app on the iPad you can swipe left from the side of your screen to pull up a SlideOver window. So, if you have a video app you can encapsulate the playing video in its own window and then open up another app (such as Mail) to get some work done. There’s the new Notes app, which allows you to make rich text notes complete with images and smart links. This app acts just the same as the iCloud Drive folder in Yosemite: it contains all you documents in iCloud.
In iOS 9 Apple has solved this issue by now showing capital letters on the keyboard when the shift key in enabled and lowercase letters when it is not. You're stuck either working offline on the larger-screen devices, or going online on a 4in screen.
This feature, known as making a Wifi hotspot, is great for working on the go: making an iPhone Wifi hotspot enables you to use the internet on a Mac without having to find a Wifi cafe or other public hotspot. You can now search for photos based on location, date, or album name –– or any combination of the three.
But my favourite feature about the editing tools in the new Photos app is that, thanks to iOS 8’s extensions features, the editing tools from any third party photo apps can be accessed right from within iOS 8’s dedicated Photos app.

Another great new feature is iCloud Photo Library. This allows you to view your photos from any of your devices. There are strong rumors it will be rolled out to the UK and Europe this Spring, but that's a wait and see.
Before I could only text other iMessage users from my Mac, but now I can send and receive regular texts to anyone--even Android users.
Some of these smaller features include things like new gestures in Mail so you can swipe to mark a message as junk, new, or delete it.
However, this year instead of deciding to pack the next version of iOS with new feature after new feature, the company took the step of focusing on making iOS 9 more stable. Apple calls these actions “Peek” and “Pop” and they work both in-app and on the home screen. In iOS 9 Apple Maps offer a new feature called transit that will show bus, metro, and train directions in the app. For example, in the Notes app you can place two fingers on the keyboard, slide them around, and watch the cursor on the note move around on the screen. With it you'll be able to create a custom magazine tailored to your interest with content from major providers like The New York Times, Conde Nast, and more–in addition to smaller websites. There’s also a new Android Migration assistant to make it easy for Android switchers to migrate over to iPhone. Here you can browse the documents without needing to open up their corresponding apps, and of course you can choose to open them in apps or share the documents.
If you have a limited allowance you should only use the Wifi hotspot for a short amount of time. For example, I searched for pictures of all the photos I took of my trip to Lisbon in July and within seconds had them all right in front of me. That’s a huge plus as the Photos app is where all my photos are stored and I now no longer need to go to a different app just to use a specific editing tool.
It also shows that iCloud Drive isn't any kind of replacement to Dropbox and its iOS app, as Dropbox is a true file manager. Four main things: make and receive calls from your Mac, send and receive plain old text messages on your Mac, handoff current tasks from your iPhone to your Mac, and create an instant hotspot between your Mac and iOS device. Again, the reverse is true too: you can dial a number from any webpage or contact on your Mac and the number will be pushed to your iPhone in your house, which will dial it out, and then Continuity will push the entire conversation back from your iPhone to your Mac--all without you noticing this is happening.
It works just like Continuity Calling, with my iPhone routing regular text messages to my Mac.
Notification Center has gotten smarter with an improved Today view and third-party widgets, and Siri and Spotlight are both capable of doing more now. That's quite understandable given all the drama that occured from iOS 8's instability issues. For example, if Proactive sees you’ve got a meeting at 2pm, it will alert you beforehand and notify you when you have to leave and the best way to get to the meeting based on current traffic conditions. For example, if your main app is the Mail app, you can SlideOver the Messages app, which will appear as a column on the side of the screen. This makes adjusting the cursor position on screen infinitely less frustrating than needing to tap its position on the screen to move it as you need to do now.
You can move the PIP around the screen to place it wherever you want and you can even adjust the size of the PIP window. Another really nice feature will be the iCloud Drive app which allows you to access any file you save to iCloud from just one place — right on your Home screen.
But also if you don’t like seeing lowercase keys on your keyboard, know that you can disable this feature in Settings. It’s thanks to Wi-Fi calling, which is a calling feature several carriers are rolling out across the world.
Still iCloud Drive is a step in the right direction and could very well be more than enough for people who only use apps like Apple's iWork suite.
Handoff enables me to start one document--an email or an iWork document, for example--on my iPhone or Mac and pick it up on the other device right where I left off on the first.
If you like to listen to music at 7am when you work out, Proactive will automatically have your music cued up for you at that time when you plug your headphones in.
If you like reading Flipboard at night before you go to bed, Proactive will pull of the Clipboard app automatically at your bedtime. However as soon as your tap the divider, the iPad goes into multitasking mode and allows you to have two usable apps side by side. It’s quite a cool feature and one that is going to make the iPad a much more desktop-like productivity machine.

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